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Holiday Specials

Holiday Bundles here!

HOLIDAY50 for 50% off on select items! 

  • Including Angus and more!

HOLIDAY40 for 40% off on select items! 

HOLIDAY30 for 30% off on select items!

HOLIDAY25 for 25% off on select items!

HOLIDAY20 for 20% off on select items!

HOLIDAY10 for 10% off on select items!

HOLIDAY5 for 5% off on select items!    


Please allow for extra processing and shipping time.  The closer you get to Christmas, the worst it gets.  Don't wait until the last minute.  Stock could sell out or shipping delays can occur.  Shipping companies get bogged down.  Order early to account for inevitable delays.  


Medical Patients and Veterans Discount

We offer a 10% discount for verified medical patients as well as veterans.  Please email for details and we will send you a coupon code (and take the opportunity to answer any questions you may have).  This code will work for most items in the shop, but not all.  Some vendors do not allow discounting outside of specific times.  Just a small token for our veterans and medical patients in need of quality delivery systems.  

 **Sorry, we cannot stack veteran or medical discounts on top of current promotions.  However if you have multiple items from different collections with different discounts, you can enter more than one code at checkout.  

Please do us the courtesy of not emailing us and asking us for special deals outside of our promotions or look to modify existing bundles to your request.  This includes asking for discounts for shipping for international customers.  We are a small business and we keep our prices as low as possible.  Most items we sell are going to be difficult to source anywhere else much less at a better price than we are already providing so we would appreciate your cooperation and understanding.  Fielding emails for situations like this is a burden for our small team.