Dynavap Adapter Kit for The Wand by Ispire


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Awesome lil gadget and great service!

As others have said put the glass insert in from the top, sticking out 3-4 mm and that's it. This makes it way too easy and its nice not needing to break out a torch. IH is the way to go.
Thanks again Scott for all your help with my order and advice!

Adam Smith
Great product great customer experience

I want to start the review giving a shout out to the team at VGoodiez. This is my first order from them, and they will be the first site I check for my needs from here on out. Product shipped quickly. They were great communicators in terms of shipping. There was a hand written thank you which is always appreciated. So hats off to the VGoodiez team.

I ordered the Wand and Dynavap insert as I was looking for a more consistent method of extraction. I’ve used a quad and single torch, and while I like the experience with both, I find that extraction can be inconsistent from day to day depending on my spin, distance from torch to cap, etc. I couldn’t be more happy with the Wand. It’s super easy to use and it has provided the consistency I was looking for. No spinning. Just set the temp, double tap the power button for auto, and respect the clicks. I’ve found that the rubber/plastic insert should go in separately from the glass. I insert the glass second and from the top leaving 2-3 mm of glass sticking out. This helps with an even heat and full extraction.

Thanks to the team at VGoodiez and hope everyone who orders has the same experience!

Makes the wand into a hands-free IH that works great!

Really enjoy using the wand again for Dynavap now that I added this part. It is my new favorite of my 3 IH’s and used most often now, but before I got this part I was looking for a new IH. Now I am happy with the wand performance and really like how it works hands-free with Dynavap.

Cicada H.
Easily Adjustable Seat Cup

The high temp silicone sleeve creates a hands free experience paired with the seated cup. Easy to clean as well. I have yet to use the pass-through cup but I don’t mind the flexibility, I’d be likely to use it while out and about.