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Dynavap Adapter Kit for The Wand by Ispire

Regular price $29.00

Allow your Dynavap to rest seated or pass through for larger hits with this adapter kit.
* 1 Silicone Sleeve
* 1 Seat Cup
* 1 Pass-through Cup 
*Wand and stem not included.  Used for demonstration purposes only.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Don Anderson
A fun tool

I love this tool... I just pack the oven, cap it, and Ispire it. Very easy to use, and more control over torch's . I am going to try the tool with my water pipe later tonight, as I have just moved and finally taken it out, and filled it with some water. Having a high time in Nevada...

Bob H
Great accessory for the Ispire Wand

I love this Dynavap adaptor kit, it fits the Wand perfectly. You push the silicone sleeve up through the bottom of the wand till its stops. You can either use the seat cup or pass-through cup depending on how you plan to heat the dynavap. If you use the seat cup you push that from the top down into the silicone sleeve till it stops. The seat cup holds the Dynavap perfectly in place with no need to hold it. 5 taps on the power button to turn the Wand on, 2 taps to put in auto mode, and just place your dynavap in the seat cup and wait for the click, does not get easier than that. No spinning, turning, dropping your dynavap, or looking for your torch.

Great once I figured out the right way to use it

At first, my dyna wouldn't click when I put it in the wand using this adapter. Got a tip that counter to the instructions, you should put the rubber part into the wand from the bottom then put the glass part in from the top. When I set it up this way my dyna clicks every time. Heats up quickly and evenly and I don't have to hold anything while it heats up.

Quality Accessory

I like it a lot, the fit is snug and secure. Only taking off one star because I think that the seat cup is far too deep, and when installed as the instructions say it ashes before it clicks. I have great results putting the sleeve through the bottom and cup through the top, which is totally fine, it still feels secure. Note that it also increases the heat up time slightly, due to the extra thermal mass of the glass touching the tip.