Dosing Capsules in Stainless Steel for Tinymight by VGoodiEZ (TM 17)


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Dosing capsules seem to be a must have for just about any vaping device, and the tinymight 2 definitely benefits from these. I have only had the tinymight for about 3 weeks. for 1 week, i used it with the included glass stem and cooling units. Using it this way, the stem would get dirty within a day or two, to the point that i would need to soak and clean every 3rd day or so. The capsules not only make loading the device 90% easier, but I only need to clean the stem and cooling units once a week. In addition, the quality of these are very nice and sturdy, giving me confidence that they'll last a very very long time. They are so good that i ended up ordering another set. and of course vgoodiez is always super solid with their shipping as well as their product availability.

diego guzman

Like them a lot, fits good mount of sensi, good for travels 🤙🏾

Tiffany Bauer
Tinymight dosing capsules

Love these dosing capsules so convenient for on the go. Keeps my vape cleaner.

Dosing caps

Great for hikes or anytime so convenient for the tinymight. Nice clean hits very great add on even for trips where there is no time to grind and pack.