Get in touch with us!

Retail Sales Email: Use this for pre and post order questions.  We do our best to respond withing 24 business hours.  Sometimes it may be quicker and other times it may take longer.  Please have patience with us.  

Wholesale Sales Email: Reserved for business customers who wish to collaborate with each other.  We will require you to provide certifications and a resellers permit before discussing any pricing details.  We can't offer wholesale on all products but we are happy to discuss potential opportunities.  

Phone/Text: 404-884-8963. Please use text only for quick questions ONLY.  Order issues or detailed questions are best supported through emailing us as we have more support there.   We are in the Eastern United States Time Zone so please be considerate of "normal" operating hours.  We will do our best to respond but we are a small family group so please be patient.  Don't text at 2AM and be upset we are not hitting you right back.  Weekends can be sketchy sometimes too.  We try to reserve Sunday for family as much as possible.  Thanks for your understanding and for supporting small business!

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