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Just wanna leave a review of my first birthday gift purchase experience with VGoodiEZ for the following items to myself for my 'SHISHA / HOOKAH' setup :

- Moab Wireless Enail Station by CH ,
- Venus Male Flower Diffuser by CH - Add 4mm Ruby / Cocobolo / Machined ,
- Shovelhead Bowl by CH - Ed's TnT Cocobolo Handle / 14mm Male ,
- Mercury Female Flower Diffuser by CH - Add 4mm Ruby / Cocobolo / Machined ,
- 2 x Elev8R Watertool Attachment (Injector Injector) by 7th Floor - Glass (ELV 8) (Pick siize) / 14mm Male ,
- Pax Loading Tool by CH ,

I am currently half way around the world outta NYC for work and VGoodiEZ shipped all the way to where i am at safely in asia !!
***Thank you 'SCOTT' again and again for suggesting and assisting me for everything and getting the 220V power voltage for the MOAB cause of where i am at !!
*** Will "1000% DEFINITELY" will order again and actually already planning my next order once my wife forgets about this previous big order.......so i dont need to sleep in the bathroom for a week....lol...

.....joking aside......VGoodiEZ is one of the only 2 or at most 3 online shops outta maybe over 100 shops that i have shopped online throughout many years where i have the best customer services with.......



Brian Decola
Awesome store! Great service!

Pleasure to do business. I will be ordering more from here.

Scott W.
U got me for LIFE!! Best online supplier of the best products out for smoking and vape etc needs!

I have purchased just about one of everything except a heavy kit..... carta2, puffco peak pro bundle, inspire wand and the v-wand and bubbler kit etc etc, and just placed an order for mighty+ executive bundle!! Everything they carry and sell are legit real branded products which all register with the manufacturer easily upon unboxing, and they are priced lower then anywhere else I have found in NY state. They are a very on point small buisness and customer service is next to none, I've personally experienced them proactively solving any issues and making the purchase process so easy that I would be silly to go anywhere else. I will be a customer for life!!!

We appreciate your support! Thanks for taking the time!

I chose the right place and set up!

I was on the fence between the b1 or f22 bundle. I had decided on the b1 and finally pulled the trigger. Shipment was super fast. I Received it earlier than the projected date. Upon arrival and after opening my order up I realized that I had actually went with the f22 instead of the b1 because I forgot got to switch them around in my cart! I had been back and forth before finally making my decision on the b1. The f22 was ready to go out of the box with the 14mm shovel head and hit after hit this thing is fantastic! I’ve been dabbing for awhile now and was wondering if it would be worth it to get a ball vape and if I could even get high on flower anymore? Ends up I think it’s going to be my new go to! So good! I ran it with a 9” dab rig style bubbler with no water and the hits are so good! Vgoodiez set it up, burned the coil off, installed everything. Had it in 3 days. Lots of stickers and a personal thank you note. I’m new to ball vaping but can tell this is the place to go for your set up! Don’t hesitate VGoodiez and f22 ball vape bundle are good to go👍 Great experience.

Thanks so much for the kind words and for taking the time!

Michael B.
Customer for life.

I cannot believe how fast the shipping is. Incredible. I was alerted within minutes from my shopping app my order had been shipped. When they arrived I could instantly tell these Titanium Capsules were on a whole new level. The appearance, machining and most importantly the airflow. These are simple the only Capsules I will ever use again in my Mighty + .Had questions that where addressed immediately addressed with solutions. Customer for Life

Can say enough…..

I can’t say enough about the customer service @ Vgoodiez. I buy the majority of my vaporizer products from them. I always compare prices of other sites and Vgoodiez is always one of the most reasonable. But here is where they really shine. Their customer and repair teams are responsive, competent and honest. For one product I purchased, they repaired the unit at no cost under warranty after the button started to malfunction. Most companies would have tried to convince me I caused the malfunction. Shortly after that they repaired the same unit because I dropped it at what I feel was a reasonable cost. The RMA process was easy and the repair team returned my unit within 3-4 business days. Whether you like the products you buy from Vgoodiez can vary based on the manufacturer. Some items are ether than others. But I promise you will love how Vgoodiez does business. Well done Nate, Scott and the rest of the Vgoodiez team!

David Levisohn
Fantastic customer service

Greetings from (broken) Britain across the pond. Was looking to upgrade the dosing caps on my S&B Mighty+ from the standard aluminium to stainless steel. These seem in short supply worldwide, but that was before I discovered you guys. I ordered from your good selves, and aside from a small query regarding parcel tracking which was resolved within hours (thank you Jay), my order arrived 10 days from the ordering date.
I am exceptionally pleased with my purchase (does exactly what it says on the tin), coupled with fantastic customer service and prompt delivery. Thank you guys!
Also, your very informative website has piqued my interest in home rigs. I feel I may be in touch again soon...

Thomas Horn
Great Product & Service

The physical B2 bundle product is amazing. Hand assembled and ready to plug and play by Scott. He also was kind enough to warn me about trying to get it expedited over the weekend. They have won me over!

Dylan Sowers
Very quick and supportive.

Ordered the wrong item on a Saturday; texted them after business hours on accident. They responded within an hour and we sorted the issue quickly and easily. Would recommend!

I guess I'm a lifer

These guys rock! I had an issue that with a broken PID that I thought wouldn't be fixed but they fixed it! Really impressed by how they stand behind their sales, even old ones. You can buy cheap shit from China anytime but this is the kind of customer service you stay for. Guess I'm buying from here for all the rest of my needs.

Exceptional customer service

I had a small order issue and emailed the store right away. Within 15 minutes I had the issue rectified!! That’s truly exceptional!!

Ronald Labrecque
Real Customer Service.

I have ordered multiple items from Vgoodiez and everything has always been as expected ( fair price, fair product shipped decent). I needed to replace a PID for my ball vape coil and instead of trying to upsell me a whole new setup, Jay emailed me and we figured out that I could a better model controller for my needs for LESS $$ than my original. Technology changes and these guys/gals are on it man. Also, they actually return phone calls. Fuckin dope.

Anthony DeStefano
Great Vendor

They stand by their word and are quick and responsive with customer service inquiries. You can trust these guys. Quality stuff. Thanks for everything guys!

Great interactions, super fast

Just a great little business with really nice stuff.

Customer service

Terrible customer service. They review these messages so they can block the bad ones. I reported them to the Better Buisness Bureau.

As if your private insults and email are not enough to us, you had to take the time to maliciously write these reviews.

Our guidelines on returns are very clear. We do not accept used returns. Sorry you didn't do your homework and I'm sorry that you are trying to compare us to somebody else in this industry that you work for in the past or perhaps currently work for. We do not have the same catalog as Planet of the Vapes and we do not have the same policies. We offered you a solution to sell it on the second hand market and all you wanted to do was try to bully me into getting your money back. I'm sorry our policies are very clear and we are a small company that is not in a position for you to treat us like a free vaporizer rental store. Grow up and go shop at Planet of the Vapes since they seem to be such a good resource for you. We don't even understand why you didn't buy from them in the first place.

I just copied the response from this last two. One star reviews that you gave us. We don't post them initially because we get quite a lot of spam on these things. Let us know how it goes with the better business bureau because you don't agree with our policies. You obviously still work for Planet of the Vapes or have great loyalty to them to be treating a small family business like this because you didn't get your way.

Always a pleasure

Great company and awesome employees. Quick communication. Quick shipping.

Ernest Powell
Great products and better customer service

Will def be dealing with v goodies in future

We appreciate the kind words and support! Holler if we can help!

William Cermele
Seriously great retailer

I have made multiple purchases and have never had a problem and have always found them to be helpful and competitively priced. Super fast shipping. Most recent order was Memorial day. Had my item 3 days later. A sticky brick injector for my b-zero. Early review is killer. The cube shape looks awesome with my mega cell and the setup works for my flower and concentrate. Most of my best stuff came from here. I put most of my stuff together myself and have sometimes only needed vgoodiez for parts. They are super helpful in that department in finding compatible equipment.

Billy Powell

I have nothing but good things to say about vgoodiez and the whole process thanks for your service

Franco Bonaccorso
You guys, I mean..

Blown away by the service. I'm thousands of kilometres away in Bathurst, Australia but the shipping experience was pretty good. My Cell 3 glassware came wrapped and secured trighter than an Egyptian mummy. Nice, handwritten 'thanks' and a sticker which is going on the rear pannier of my bike . The glassware is everything I expected. Thanks again!

Woot! Thanks for representing on the slaps! We appreciate the support from down under! Holler if we can help in the future!

Aaron A
VGoodiEZ customer service 2nd to None!!

I can't begin to describe how satisfied I have been shopping with VGoodiEZ. They offer some of the best help/advice and customer service I have ever seen. You can tell that they care about the person on the other end of the transaction and want to do their best to ensure the best possible customer experience. I've made several purchases here and each experience I leave as a very happy and satisfied customer. When I ran into a product issue it was quickly resolved and a replacement was sent right away. They've always been quick to answer questions and offer advice. On my most recent order I had mistakenly ordered the wrong screens and they reached out to me to correct my error before the product even shipped! They definitely stand out from the crowd and will always be my first stop for vaping supplies. 👍

Unbeliavable turnaround time, amazing quality.

Had to finally take the plunge with these bundles/sales. Ordered the 'You know you Wand this' bundle and a couple add-ons and Orb V2 since I just love the look and versatility with other attachments I have. Ordered Thursday morning, initial tracking said Monday delivery, showed up at my porch today (Saturday). The glass pieces are amazing and I can't wait to start playing around with the Dyna and the bangers that come with the Wand with them.

Absolute class act this is my preferred shop for sure going forward!

Matthew Perea
First time customer

Vgoodiez has a really good store . They had what I wanted which was a tinymight 2, I received my order real quick and very satisfied. Vgoodiez will be my to go to place .

Dabs MacGhee
Wow—outstanding service

Ordered a Tinymight 2 on Saturday afternoon and it was in my greedy little hands on Monday afternoon. Couldn’t believe it. Thanks so much for taking the time to ship it on Saturday, via Priority Mail no less. Still learning but love the TM2 so far and will definitely be buying more from VG in future.


VGoodiEZ is hand down the best companies to shop with!! Blazing fast shipping, with as described high quality products!!! Thanks friends at VGoodiEZ, I will be a return client for many years!! You really are the home of the heavy hitters!!!