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Excellent all around

I’ve bought a few pieces from these guys. Always delivered quickly and they have the best deals. My go to recommendation!

Thanks Jesse, we really try! Thanks for your kind words and let us know if we can help in any way!


Before I got off the website, in the morning my item order was received by the online store and packed for shipping and moments later received email that it was shipped.!
Will browse and order again, thanks.

Thanks Walter, we really appreciate your support and taking the time to express your kind words!

Impossible to complain

A+ vendor! I got a great deal using their discount code, and the email updates from order confirmation all the way to delivery we’re great. This was the only vendor I could find carrying the Honey Daab rig other than the official Ispire site, and I saved $80 buying here instead. I will repeat business for sure. I paid for Priority USPS shipping and received my order on Wednesday after placing my order on Sunday night, so my experience on shipping time was also fantastic. Love the handwritten thank you note and free stickers too.

VGoodiEZ is hands-down the best; don't hesitate to order here

So, my conversion to dry herb vaping began during the fear of the Great Vape Mail Ban in March 2021 -- I bought an LSV on super clearance for less than $100 on a different site, and I loved it. It converted me from smoking the herb to vaping on the spot. But as time went on and I did more research, I wanted something even more powerful, so I discovered the DC-Elev8r, and it's amazing! 7th Floor made a great base design, but Scott went above and beyond to perfect it with the coil and the ruby beads. I first bought one more than a year ago, and it's still holding up well, but the little nub got chipped off at one point, and the Auber controller I chose gets weird about heating up sometimes (and I see Scott has discontinued selling it for that exact reason), so even though my original DC-Elev8r still works and is my daily driver, I'm upgrading to a DC controller and figured I might as well get a new heater and bowl at the same time. Thank you, Scott/VGoodEZ for such a great product!

This thing slaps

First, I have had nothing but positive experiences when dealing with Scott. He has been super helpful in answering all my questions and shipment arrived earlier than expected so that is also pretty sick. The fact that the PID has a warranty is also nice. I am confident to say that if you have any questions or concerns Scott is the man.

I am a long time consumer and started off with bong hits and glass pieces but switched to vaping because of my asthma. I am writing this review for anyone like me or with similar issues with a hard time finding a heavy hitting vape that will work for me.

B1 flowerpot injector curated kit: I was reluctant to purchase a flowerpot because desktop setups like it can be kinda pricey. On my volcano hybrid I was amazed by the bags at first, but even on low temps they make me cough too much anymore. With the volcano, the material was always cooking. Water doesn't help this because the vapor becomes stale. I find that the concentrated hits of the flowerpot are less irritating to my throat and lungs while still being able to be more conservative with my use than I was with the hybrid.

One of the good ones...

As in any industry, the cannabis industry is full of internet charlatans trying to make a quick buck. Sell you something and then when something goes wrong they either ignore you or make you out to be the bad guy. Not VGoodiez. These guys are top notch quality to deal with, from the products they select and carry, to the support they give after. I have purchased from these guys twice and both times the service has been exceptional, fast, and delivers as promised.

If you are looking for ANYTHING cannabis related as far as tools to make use with, check these guys out first. I know I do. Great work guys, you have a customer for life in me.

Pamela Pollock
I Think We Will Become Good Friends...

I first heard about VGoodiez through a certain online community. Everyone raves about VGoodiez, so I had to check it out. Found the stainless steel Mighty/Crafty dosing capsules. Dipped my toes in the VGoodiez pool by picking them up. Love, love, love the dosing capsules! Wish I knew about them before I bought 40 of the other ones. Bah...

At any rate, thanks for the prompt service and the great capsules. I've got my eyes on some Dynanvap toys next... See you soon!

LOL love it and thanks so much Pamela! Holler if we can help!

Andrew Bell
Cannot rate VGoodiEZ highly enough

I would give 6 stars if I could. Scott provides outstanding service to the vape enthusiast community. His kits are endgame, and the swiftness of his delivery is unparalleled. I order something, it arrives the next day. He even called me personally to save me some money on multi-package delivery, A++ customer service.

Super Fast and Great Prices

Ordered an Ispire Daab from VGoodiEZ because they had a great price. I had been looking around at some other shops but I am glad I decided to order from these guys. They shipped this device super fast, and on a holiday weekend at that.. Even came with a hand written thank you note inside the box. THANK YOU VGoodiEZ! Ill be back.

Excellent products and customer service

VGoodiez is a stellar company that is family owned and treats their customers like family. I had an issue with the mechanics of the mighty sidecar bubbler and emailed customer service and received a quick response and instructions along with a discount code to purchase future products. I have already placed another order and will definitely be shopping here again!

Travis McConnachie
Amazing help and advice

Was looking for a ball vape. Was coming from a volcano and had zero knowledge. Through a couple emails Scott gave me great advice, recommendations, and comparisons between each that were easy to follow.

Thanks Scott

First Class Experience

I just received my first order. The turnaround was super fast, packaging was solid, and the prices were below comparable retailers. The handwritten thank you note was a classy touch. 100% will come here first for future needs.

Michael Sniffen
Killer service.

Scott gave me near immediate responses to questions, provided excellent service and recommendations, and stupid fast order processing.

Happy to give you guys my business!

VGoodiEZ and Scott set the standard

I finally decided to listen to the Reddit mob and give these guys a try. I was ready to buy my first heavy hitter and after all the comments I read, I was hoping Scott answered the phone. He did and he sounded genuinely excited and happy to get me started. We put together a custom bundle with everything I wanted and some things he recommended. I thought I couldn't be happier with the service and situation until I found out he was located not only in Georgia, but not very far from me. He had plans for dinner with his family, but was willing to meet me at the restaurant to deliver the same bundle we just put together earlier that morning. Customer for life!

VGoodiEZ is the place to shop

The customer service is absolutely perfect . I would recommend VGoodiEz 1000%. I will look on this website for any vape product I need before looking elsewhere.

Couldn't be happier!

Ordered on Friday, arrived on Monday! In the middle of a 4:20 sale! :D

You guys really take your packaging seriously and it paid off this time for sure. Box got a dent in the corner while in transit but everything was safe and sound!

Peer Kamentz
Most lovely order ever

When the package arrived it was very well packed, I could play socker with it and the glaspiece inside would not get a single crack. Next to my order were the usual stickers AND: a high quality dabspoon AND a very nice note from a John (Hi John, thank you a thousand times and yes, I will enjoy it 😉 ) AND (!) one big bud CBD flower for free ❤️
Fast shipping, easy buying handsome seller 10/10 buy again here
Thank you

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Steven S
Great American Family Company

They don’t make businesses, especially online retail businesses like VGoodiEZ any more. They focus on the customer and assisting them on an individual basis tailoring suggestions to the customers actual needs. They will never try to upsell you on things you don’t need rather, I have had them help me SAVE money countless times with their advice and guidance on some DIY type of set-ups. VGoodiEZ is the only retailer that goes through the trouble of carrying individual components in addition to offering them in extremely well priced bundles. Listing these components, with photos and descriptions takes up time that other retailers are unwilling to put in. Whether you order an expensive set up from them or a simple $8 replacement part VGoodiEZ treats your order as if it’s the only one that matters. I’ve never had an order not processed and shipped within 24 hours. I’ve never had an order nor process and shit within one single hour. If I ever need any type of product in VGoodiEZ genre of retail I always look to try to buy it there, no matter if it’s the best price or not, and it always is. There is a reason VGoodiEZ has a massive cult-like following in this industry: they are genuinely good people who treat customers with respect in a world where that’s few and far between.

Andy M.
Very Impressed

I haven't been this impressed by a company in I don't know how long. I'm not ready to review the product yet, but I had to leave a review of the company in general. Scott's presence on reddit specifically is a great asset. I assumed the glowing comments about shipping were at least a little exaggerated but nope, it's just stupid fast. Great prices too, and I really appreciate the good will offers for vets and medical patients. I'm a guaranteed return customer.

the best

best c.s. best everything. my fav on line store

Ken Bonfield
The Best

I don’t think I’ve ever had a better customer service experience in my life.

I had an item arrive DOA, and Scott didn’t just make the situation right, he made my situation better. And made the process fun. I feel like I made a friend.

VGoodiez has had my business for a while. And it will continue to get more of my business. It’s a great resource for the custom and hard to find vaporizers, all backed by Scott. I’m probably not alone in having had some issues dealing directly with a vaporizer manufacturer. But VGoodiez has my back if something goes wrong.

Thanks again for everything.


I cant say enough good things about vgoodiez,they have the products you want,a fair price and they ship quick. I run a retail store in the same industry so I understand all the challenges these places face and im always impressed with Scott and his team,keep up the great work and the great service

Great service and shipping time to the UK

Very pleased with how fast I got my order, great pricing. Will probably be back in the future. Cheers.

Zhuo Ji Li
Great people

Great people ! Highly recommended.

William McCarver
Just a wonderful company

I ordered during their family vacation, and still got my products in under a week. Thank you, Scott and crew. You did great!

Thanks so much for taking the time here William. We care about the community very much and appreciate your support! Holler if you ever have questions. Even if we don't sell it, we can probably help.