Matrix Recycler by VGoodiEZ (MTX1)


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Its a great piece. It was my first torch banger setup. It works well and made of quality and very affordable. I figured out im not a torch kinda guy, so i bought from this great place a JCVAP Pockety to run through the recycler. . So far loving it! Check out my twitch channel called BeardedRoots. Im just starting and will be doing reviews on all these great items ive purchased from Vgoodiez!

Best of luck on your channel! We will give it a sub!

anthony paxtor
So good

Best piece I ever owned, I cannot put it down.

Jacob F.
Stunning piece

This is a perfect 5 star piece for me, it's super easy to clean up and fill with a few sprays of ISO and rock or shake it like a bartender making a cocktail and it's clear. Fill it up just so it fills up over the base and give it a test draw, start slow and then a regular steady inhale and you will see that really cool tornado effect. This thing produces big clouds with the Ispire wand and is my go to glass piece. It's beautiful and nothing beat cleans glass. It sits at the perfect height and it fits the hands great I couldn't ask for much more and the price is perfect, worth the money easily.

So much better than biao Rbr 3

Smooth, slight restriction, massive clouds, plenty of terps. This is my second one. First one lasted 8mo. It will out preform all my other rigs wit a terporium v2 slurper or even just a titty banger. Please don’t ever stop making it. Thought I would upgrade to a biao3rbr and was disappointed. Too airy/harsh/big in all the wrong places with terrible mouth piece. Night and day difference at half the price. Nicer to look at but can’t match vg