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Matrix Recycler by VGoodiEZ

Regular price $50.00

This RBR Style recylcer can be used with flower or concentrates.  The matrix perc is smooth and provides great diffusion.  14mm female dewar joint.  Base is ~3" wide and it stands just under 8" tall at the tip of the mouthpice.  

We recommend filling to the top of the base with water.  Function is also impacted by airflow restriction so what you run through this will impact function.  The water level that is optimal wide open may not be 100% ideal while in practical use with a banger or dry herb setup.  


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great Filtration

I've been a globe enthusiast for awhile but after my most recent one cracked I opted for this recycler. Filling this thing just right allows for huge hits with the elev8r with relatively little coughing...for me at least. I got an attachment to bring the elev8r a bit further from my face. Other than this being shorter than I would like, I'm very pleased and would recommend.

Daily driver

This piece is so nice I'm back for a second after I broke the first one I got. I bought it as a spare but I liked it so much I use it daily now.

Lil' Powerhouse

This little guy is the perfect recycler for resting in your easy chair. I'm a pretty big guy and I can hold it easily in my recliner. I've run everything through it. Dynavaps, quartz bangers and terp slurpers, and even a CH BE, all are cool and tasty with this piece. I like to add a drop-down. You definitely need to fill the base completely to get the best action but there's no guess work. This is one of the best values in glass right now. DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED BY IT'S SIZE! I think most users would love it.

Amazing piece

This is a nice mini rig, about 8 inches tall and functions perfectly. Fill the water up to the top of the puck and let 'er rip. Use mine with a DTV v5 in a bottomless banger.