Butane Torch by Inhale


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Best torch I have found

I originally got this just for the Vapman. Now I use it for every dyna that I own. Have not tried it with Anvil and Fusion yet.
Works everytime. You can see the fluid level. Adjusts easily- no tool required like some Jobon lighters. The angled neck allows for easier use. Holds a lot of fluid. Recommend this over any Honest, Jobon, or Aomai single flame torch. Flame size is consistent, no flame flittering.

Love it !!!

The Vapman torch is awesome !!! Large capacity with a see through tank makes this thing a fill and forget lighter. I love it with my Lotus and my Dynavap collection .

Better than expected.

I've been burned by these type of torch lighters but this vapman torch is a beast. Even at low setting it gives a constant flame when others would die out. I dropped it once and the plastic bit you press down on popped off. Popped it back on like nothing happened. Worth every penny.


Flame needs to be too big or it goes out. Gonna burn through a lot more fuel than necessary.

Hi Eamon,

Are you sure that this is functioning correctly? We never heard from you and email. We just got this review here so I figured I would reach out. This is been one of our more reliable torches that we have ever sold and we've had very few issues. Please email sales@vgoodiez.com so we can determine if this is an actual issue or just a difference in your expectations?