Tinymight XL Sidecar Bubbler by VGoodiEZ (TM 22)


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A little tricky, but you'll catch on soon.

Unlike all the other spill-proof bubblers for other vaporizers, this one definitely has the potential to spill and to even get some liquid to fall down through the main shaft that connects to the bowl...but just remember: ALWAYS tilt the bubbler to the left or counter-clockwise when you need to turn it upside down to fill. (And of course have the mouthpiece plugged to keep the water in when upside down). ALWAYS tilt towards the mouthpiece side of the bubbler. As long as you remember that and as long as you don't pull too hard - airflow is so nice that you can just lightly inhale or pull - then you should never have to worry about getting a little water down near the bowl. (Having the rimmed basket screens also help in avoiding any little drops of water from getting to your weed and I imagine the dosing capsules help as well with that potential complication).

You can hit it on Beast Mode with confidence with this bubbler.

The perfect TinyMight accessory… almost

The TinyMight 2 (as well as the original) is already great, but this bubbler accessory absolutely takes it to the next level. Hits at least twice as hard as using either of the included stems.

Having used this daily for a couple of weeks, I can say that this is my favorite way to use the TinyMight. The only word of caution I would give is to be VERY careful because it’s not a durable piece. Mine tipped over while standing on a placemat and the mouthpiece snapped off—barely took any force at all! But guess what… I love it so much that I’m immediately going to replace it!

Works great - But very Fragile at bowl end.

This bubbler works great with my
I attempted to remove a glass fitting and did not put it under Hot Running water,
Broke off atthe end-at the bowl.
I ended up using a starry water pipe attachment and was able to stretch part/rubber mouthpiece of it around the end of the glass bowl that had broken on the Sidecar-bubbler . just be careful when handling it because parts of it are fragile .

Hi Walter, please contact us at sales@vgoodiez.com to discuss further. It would be great if you can send a picture of where this broke so we could discuss with the manufacturer. It's possible we can get that replaced for you!

I love this bubbler so much!!!

Works great wet or dry. I can’t have a full bong in my life, but this bubbler is the very best next thing. Can hit the Tinymight up to 10 without issue. Cools vapor a lot! Cleaning not too bad either, with a little ISO. Definitely recommend!