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DC Elev8R (Coil Driven Elev8R) by 7th Floor / Disorderly Conduction

Regular price $145.00

This listing is for the PID Controller / Coil driven Elev8R. If you are looking for the Torch driven Elev8R please check here.  

All the glass of the Elev8R except the Quartz Heater is made from borosilicate glass in Colorado Springs, CO by Elev8's own glass blowing team.

  • Designed for dry herbs 
  • All inclusive design 
  • Borosilicate glass is worked and melted to the final product here in the USA.
  • Comes standard with the quartz Elev8R heater (includes nub on heater for PID kit)
  • 3mm Boro beads added at discount 
  • 7th Floor also offers a similar kit but heaters contain no boro which will have a significant performance difference as well as an import controller/coil kit vs the American DC gear.  
  • Formerly known as the E43

Kit Includes:

  • 16mm Prestretched Disorderly Conduction Coil (Hot Coil Runner)
  • Elev8R kit including 14mm Male Bowl, Screens, Sick Klip, Quartz Heater and Stir stick (random color)
  • Coil Burnoff
  • Coil Shaping
  • Quartz Heater install
  • 3mm borosilicate  beads installed in heater
  • Optional Screen Choice for bowl
  • Optional PID Controller
  • Optional Heater Stand  ***Recommended if you don't have something!!

Screen Options / Heater Fill Type:

  • Glass Screen- This is actually built into the bowl.  It provides the best taste for the DC Elev8R but has drawbacks too.  One, it's breakable.  You poke at it too much with stir stick and your are liable to break the glass screen.  Two, it clogs easier which can add restriction and a less desirable experience.  Three it lets particulate through without adding another screen on top which can defeat the purpose of a glass screen for some.  That said the screen is raised up a bit compared to where the steel screen seats.  This makes it better for small loads and quicker milking.  You can always drop one of the included screens over the top of the glass to cut down on the particulate let through.  So it can be kind of the best of both worlds if you are careful with it.  
  • Stainless Steel Screen- Just what it is.  Cheap and easy to clean/replace.  Unfortunately these seem to let particulate through as well so maybe want to use a dropdown or ash catcher if you are concerned about it getting into your glass. Doubling up the screens helps some (kit includes 10 extra screens).  
  • Boro Beads- Standard option to add heater mass to the quartz heater.  Normally $10 if purchased separately, these are discounted with these kits.  
  • Ruby Beads- Run your Elev8R at lower temps with similar/improved performance and quicker heat recovery.  

Controller Options:

  • None- This means you already have your own controller and we are sending you the coil with attached heater and other parts of the kit.  Hopefully the controller you have is one of the ones we listed.  If you are not sure, email us at to discuss.  The pinout of the wiring is important and you don't want to plug this coil into something incompatible.  You could short the coil and your controller.  
  • Disorderly Conduction Micro- Made in the USA, the value workhorse.  3D printed enclosure takes up minimal space and is lightweight for travel.  No frills basic design including hard on/off switch that works with smart plugs.  Offers the widest temperature range as the coils and controllers are both manufactured by DC and the electronics are minimal.  All controllers are offered in black color but other colors may be available for special order upon request.  Just email  Start this controller at 500 and adjust from there.  
  • Auber RDK300- Made in China, designed and sourced out of Georgia, USA.  Nice metal enclosure with knob for temperature adjustments and auto shutoff feather.   Has soft power switch so not workable with smart plugs.  One of the most popular PID controllers out there, purchase this understanding you have both limitations and options to potentially improve your experience.  In the past we didn't offer this with the DC Elev8R.  Pre-boro filled heaters you needed to run 700+ degrees Fahrenheit and the electronics measuring the coil on the Auber didn't like it.  The auber has a lot of electronic settings that can be tweaked to improve your experience but it can also cause issues with measuring a coil.  Especially one that has been stretched or is potentially touching other metal.  In the end you only need to run around 500F to get good rips with the DC Elev8R and this will do at least that without you having to make adjustments.  You can probably get it to run hotter out of the box as well.  One thing to note is the Cannabis Hardware Heat Post makes the coil reading act funny but it just works the same.  You can also dive into menu and make further adjustments but please contact Auber directly for support.  We can provide some manual links but not much else.  Start this controller at 500 or higher- again you may see some temp fluctuations in the coil but it will work and rip hard.  If you need it hotter you need to get into the menu.  
  • Disorderly Conduction Pelinail 1030- Made in the USA, the same high quality components but in a Pelican enclosure.  Ideal for travel with the hard enclosure but not storage.    No frills basic design including hard on/off switch that works with smart plugs.  Offers the widest temperature range as the coils and controllers are both manufactured by DC and the electronics are minimal.  All controllers are offered in black color but other colors may be available for special order upon request.  Just email  Start this controller at 500 and adjust from there.  
  • Disorderly Conduction Pelinail 1130- Made in the USA, the same high quality components but in a Pelican 1130 Case.  Ideal for travel with the hard enclosure and storage for DC Elev8R Heater/Coil/Stand and potentially a Mini Rig / Sherlock.    No frills basic design including hard on/off switch that works with smart plugs.  Offers the widest temperature range as the coils and controllers are both manufactured by DC and the electronics are minimal.  All controllers are offered in black color but other colors may be available for special order upon request.  We may even be able to get larger pelican cases for more parts / glass storage.  Just email  Start this controller at 500 and adjust from there.  

Stand Option:

  • None- This is NOT RECCOMMENDED.  The only reason we offer this is in the case you already have something at home.  You can use something as simple as a ceramic coffee mug if you are careful but it's not the most elegant solution.  VGoodiez doesn't recommend resting the coil with just the Elev8R sick clip as the stand and hanging the hot coil over a counter desk is not something we recommend either.  If you don't have anything suitable do yourself a favor and splurge $15 for the next option.  
  • Disorderly Conduction- Basic stainless steel stand that hold the coil and heater in place to provide a stable holder.  The stand is light so it will slide.  We recommend placing it on a non slip surface or even tape the stand to the desk with double sided tape.  
  • 19mm Female Glass Stand- Similar to the Herborizer stand but a more basic glass base. Holds the Elev8R sturdy but the base is not as heavy as the Herborizer.  
  • Cannabis Hardware Heat Post with Base- Great if you already have other Cannabis Hardware gear like a VRod or Weedeater.  This base is also not for everyone but it's something we use everyday.  The heater and coil will set inside the post but it's not tight.  It's important to balance it in there properly and use the weight of the cord to support.  The metal in this stand can also mess with the temp measurement but it still seems to heat well enough to utilize the equipment so you decide!  It's something me and other folks use daily but others might complain!  LOL
  • Herborizer- This holds it just like the bowl holds it.  Pretty firm and secure.  Nice looking too!  

 Individual Parts :


***No returns on this product.  Coils are tested for function prior to leaving the VGoodiEZ shack.  They are made to work with controllers sold by VGoodiEZ.  Other controllers may not work with these coils.  Just because the plug fits doesn't mean it's compatible.  You can short the coil and damage the controller with incompatible equipment.  Purchase at your own risk.  This is also a 110V coil.  Sorry, 220v coils are currently UNAVAILABLE for international customers. 

Like with any exposed coil system there are risks of burning and fire.  Do not leave unattended and pay special care handling equipment.  People with long hair should keep it pulled back while using the equipment and care should be taken wearing loose/baggy clothing.  Obviously keep away from pets and children.  Make sure you check your screens in the heater before each use to ensure the boro beads are contained and will remain inside the heater.  Common sense goes a long way here.  If you are clumsy, prone to getting burned or just not confident handling high powered, high temperature equipment, this is NOT for you.  Holler at us at and we can help figure out something more your speed.  


Coil install video and other tips for you DIY folk's!


Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Medicinal use - Great tool, flawless vapor production

From a medicinal perspective its the best tool I have for consumption. I bought the boro ball version with stainless steel screens and the Auber RDK300. It hits harder than any other vaporizer I have and provides more relief. I don't have to use a torch or charge a battery, it's very easy to use and you can set it to whatever temp is right for you. The cannabis hardware aluminum handle fits perfect (additional purchase) and the herborizer stand is nice and heavy on the bottom giving your Elev8tor a perfect place to stay. On top of a great vaporizer the customer service at Vgoodiez has been top notch, Jon and Scott were very helpful. Pull the trigger and you won't regret it.

Stupid Stoner Brain
Because I was too high and completely dropped the ball on my Elev8r order

The Elev8r is a truly impressive heavy. The ability to just cover the screen or to pack the giant bowl is ideal. Hits like a train.

I want to give a special shout out because I have a stupid stoner brain and I completely dropped the ball on my DC Elev8r order: Borosil; No PID control; No stand.

Real amateur hour stuff, but guess who came through in a pinch and helped me to get all of the above? Obviously it's these guys, but really... who else is going to help you to completely rework your order because you were simply too stoned while placing your order?

Griffen Fox
Great Product and Service

This thing is fantastic. Just do yourself a favor and get one. You won't be disappointed. The service was also fantastic. Everything came setup and ready to go. Can't ask for much more

Michael Menzie
DC Elev8r is awesome!!!

This thing is awesome and rips!!! The way it came pre-packed with rubys and the coil already wrapped around the heater made my day since i didn't have to do it and it was done soooo well.