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3mm Ruby Beads - 100 Beads/Bag (~6.1g in Bag) by VGoodiEZ

Regular price $15.00

These 3mm Ruby (Lab Created) beads / balls / spheres have a number of different purposes being used in both heat sink vaporizer tech as well as glass mouthpiece cooling tech.  

Pouch is filled with 6.1g of beads or more. This is just enough to completely fill up the Elev8R E43 heater.  100 3mm ruby beads.

VGoodiez takes no responsibility for personal injury or damage to personal vaporizing equipment as a result of modifications with these beads.  Hot balls are dangerous too so be careful! 

They can be used terp pearls for your banger (16m). It is also NOT recommended to use  beads for the Elev8R torch.  Only the enail driven E43 version.    

Can be used for BRod/Baller Mod.  One bag fills the Baller Head 2/3rds full. 

Email for larger quantity price.  

Customer Reviews

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Jonathon Betsayad

Everything is and was outstanding definitely doing business with u guys again..I think my items were shipped literally the next day

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Steven S
3mm rubies

I ordered these from VGoodiEZ for a myriad of reasons: they are actually rubies and not quartz like 98% of rubies. A whole bunch came in the bag Vs buying them 1 or 2 at a time as “terp pearls” for $2 apiece. VGoodiEZ processes, ships and gets orders to me FAST. I ordered these the same day as a CH product VGoodiEZ didn’t have in stock over 10 days ago. I got the rubies from VGoodiEZ within 50 hours of ordering and to this day I STILL have yet to receive my CH order. VGoodiez gets it done fast even during what I imagine is their busier time of year.


The customer service is absolutely perfect. I will look at vgoodiez for any vape product I need before looking elsewhere. I recommended them 1000%.

Megan S. From sfv, ca
Puffco terp pearls

This is the perfect product for my puffco pro! Works in the 3D chamber like a charm and does not splash as much 4mm pearls. I’m guesstimating that these are half the size of 4mm pearls (when comparing in the atomizer). I have a Bradley miller spinner cap that has these puppies twirling. I need the 100 pack because I lose 5 a week lmao. Very fast shipping I believe it was almost same day. Highly recommend this product for puffco owners. Thank u vgoodies for the getting these in my hands within the week!! Much appreciated!