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Tinymight XL Cooling Stem by Tinymight

Regular price $22.00

This XL stem provides a solution to use Tinymight when portability is not the main concern. The benefit of the extra long stem is that it has special features inside the glass to cool down vapor without using the cooling unit.  And cleaning is very simple, you can just rinse it with a hot water. Includes a rimmed basket screen to hold the herb material.

Also compatible with the Tinymight 2 as all the accessories are compatible for those units!

Tinymight/Tinymight 2 for demonstration purposes only.  Not included in the sale.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rose Petals
Very necessary

This is the only stem I use. The TM2 stock stems made the vapors go through my nose. It was a very uncomfortable vape. This stem fixed the issue. Buy this now!

Great stem, great service.

The stem works well, cools the vapour and feels nice and robust. Ordered from outside the U.S, great customer service and communication throughout.

Peter Kruger
Great improvement

This stem really improved the tinymight 2 experience. It cools the vapor down enough that it's smooth and enjoyable. The metal screens allow air to flow more evenly and broadly than the glass screen and metal cooler options in other stems and so it feels like it requires less stirring. It's easy to clean daily too so it's always fresh. Just run it under hot water, then pour some 91% iso in, shake it a bit, rinse it out, dry with a blowdryer. Only downside is that it's a long, so more awkward for travel, but also it being long is why it works, so fair trade off.

Overall, it's ideal for its purpose.

Excellent piece

Works great for home use, little bit for travel.