Dosing Capsules w/Caddy (Choose Material) for Tinymight by VGoodiEZ


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Love it.

It works very well with the TM2. I also love the smell proof tube it comes with.

Came for the capsules, stayed for the caddy.

These caps are a must for max cleanliness and portability for your on the go needs. Highly recommended.

Gideon Ravenor
Great half-cap/micro dose for the Angus (best user right side up)

I prefer the tiny might without caps unless I’m out an about. I was thrilled to find these caps for the angus perfectly and work surprisingly well with half the product used.

The cap will bounce around herb chamber if inverted but work great upright. It may get hot enough even upside down it I haven’t tried that yet.

Only issue is they can get hard to open when sticky. Try to keep them clean or the threads clean. Useful products all
in all.

Dosing Capsules

Convenient, you can pre pack as many bowls as you want; just go from one capsule to the next in seconds. It also helps greatly reduce the amount of gunk and bits that dirty up the bottom heater screen, as well as the stem and cooling chamber. When you use the capsules, it adds conduction (being that this is a convection vape). This may be a pro or con, depending on personal preference. I like the added conduction for more potent draws. However, the taste is sacrificed towards the end of the bowl. Also, it is much more difficult to stir the capsules mid sesh, however they don't really need to be stirred. You might get one or two mediocre draws after a stir, so it's up to you.