Thermal Twist Injector Bundle by Crossing Technology


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Darren Livingston

I'm loving my thermal twist it has changed my smoking game for good

Austin Giles

So I've been looking around vgoodiez website the last month looking for a ball vape I knew there was going to be a great deal during 420!! So I bought the hybrid ruby thermal twist . This one has 230 gem cut Ruby's in it and boy does it hit hard !! My first hit was amazing , I had a quartz cap from here and although it can get you milky clouds you don't taste your flower near as good as the twist. My second bowl i decided to bump the temp up some and try a one hit extraction and it rocked my world !!! The feeling this vape gives you is where it makes its money!! I'm so happy I bought this it's the best $160 I've ever spent thank you guys so much !!!

Game Changer

This is an absolute game changer for me. I needed to up my vaping game from portable sized vapes. This is next level for sure! It's nice and safe with the heat guard. Great flavor and awesome clouds. Highly impressed. Awesome customer service!

My life has changed

Years ago I thought the only way to enjoy some of the devil's lettuce was to expose it to the flames it has grown accustomed to, but no! I have been enlightened! Through the purchase of the thermal twist I have discovered new heights and never before heard of convenience. Gone are the days of coughing and reeking of smoke. Gone are the days of quests in search of lighters! My life has forever changed for the better.

If you are still using flames to reach your favorite altitude all I have to say to you is, join us here in the future. Leave behind your lighters and welcome the thermal twist injector into your lives!