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Micro PID Controller in Black by Disorderly Conduction

Regular price $120.00

New 3D printed Enclosure by Pelisaver! Budget Enail made by Disorderly Conduction UNIT only with power cord.

It's a electronic nail used for vaporizing concentrates and gives the user full control over setting a consistent temperature for optimal vaporization, without the use of, or need for, a butane torch.


1 x DC Micro Budget Enail
1 x 6ft Removeable Black Power Cord


Easy to use and precise push-button digital temperature control - no more guessing, no more timers
No more butane torches or open flames! This does save money over time
Encased in a 3D Printed Box By Pelisaver
5-pin Female XLR Port compatible with all Disorderly Conduction Coil sizes and styles as well as select D-Nail Coils, EZ Bake, ShatterBox and other compatible 5-pin XLR Coils (Coils sold separately)
2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty on internal parts
All Enails are proudly designed, engineered, and manufactured in Orange County, California, USA


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Stupid Stoner Brain
Because I was too high to include a PID with my Elev8r

Works as intended. I am not smart enough to know if it could possibly be better. Only wish it was made of a heavier material so it wouldn't slide so easily. Also can't reconcile knocking a star for that.

I want to give a special shout out because I have a stupid stoner brain and I completely dropped the ball on my DC Elev8r order: Borosil; No PID control; No stand.

Real amateur hour stuff, but guess who came through in a pinch and helped me to get all of the above? Obviously it's these guys, but really... who else is going to help you to completely rework your order because you were simply too stoned while placing your order?

Heavy Hitter with Great Flavour!

This is a great vaporizer which can compete with the flowerpot at a much lower price point. Put glass balls in the heater and it pumps out vapor! It has an all glass vapor path too for those who are fussy about those things, as a result, the flavour is amazing off the Elev8r. Scott was a great guy to deal with and very helpful with any questions I had. I just hope someday they can make some 220v coils work with the Elev8r. Cheers.

tiny, powerful device

sure, it runs a little hot, but once you get used to this tiny might (lol) it will heat up what ever coil you need heated. strongly recommended.