V-Wand & Bubbler by Ispire Ispure (formerly known as Ispire)

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Scott W.
Best induction heated dab kit!

This bong is the perfect match to the base and the kit in general. Straight up no lie, this is the first utensil/dab rig that made me want to put down my Carta2's and Puffco Peak Pro's that all have aftermarket glass tops on for a change. Huge hits and no need for a torch or a thermometer, the tedious part of traditional banger or terp slurper usage for concentrates, i mean lung buster hits lol, or lower the temp to get the most tastey terp dab hit possible from the material. Price point is great and the battery life on the unit is pretty impressive as well for how many dab sessions it lasts for. I highly recommend this for any concentrate lover. Like the wand, all it takes is a quick q tip wipe after the session and it's ready for next. A resin build up preventer drops or the better then water type stuff works well with this kit for even less maintenance or cleaning of the bong needed. I honestly haven't changed it since I bought it 90 days ago and have ran atleast 40 dab seshs and it's still not ready to be cleaned, which brings up another point that this kit will produce little to no reclaim as long as you don't put an obvious amount that is too much. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS KIT 🫶🤙

Great dabs, great purchase

Seriously love this little thing. I have a core, cricket, proxy, switch, enail etc. and this thing gets a spot near the top. It works pretty good on just about any glass so it's very portable. I unlike most reviewers like the included bubbler. It is kind of thin and cheap feeling...but I find it seals much better than my recycler and globe. I got it this on an unbelievable discount and vgoodiez has fast shipping with awesome service as usual. Grab the extra $6 Puffco replacement glass carb cap too, the included caps airflow is too open.

Complete kit

This is a complete e-rig. And it works perfectly. I already had the Og wand, so this wasn’t really a needed purchase. But for anyone looking to dab, this is all you need, and it works very well!

However, I wish the induction heater sat on the bubbler base, instead of floating on top of the banger. It’s not a heavy device, but it’ll rotate as I’m spinning the carb cap.
Overall a great device at a phenomenal price!!

K m
V-wand & bubbler

The unit as a whole works well together and is capable of delivering a good dab for a E rig.the best thing is the ability to replace the battery and no coils to burn out and a quartz banger what's not to like