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Elev8R (Torch Driven Elev8R) by 7th Floor

Regular price $75.00

This listing is for the Torch driven Elev8R. If you are looking for the Coil driven Elev8R please check here.  

All the glass of the Elev8R except the Quartz Heater is made from borosilicate glass in Colorado Springs, CO by Elev8's own glass blowing team.

  • Designed for dry herbs 
  • All inclusive design 
  • Borosilicate glass is worked and melted to the final product here in the USA.
  • Comes standard with the quartz Elev8R heater (includes nub on heater for PID kit)

Kit Includes:

  • 14mm Male Bowl
  • Screens
  • Sick Klip
  • Quartz Heater
  • Stir stick - random color (VGoodiez Exclusive with Rig Kit, we ⁵ you need it!)
  • Tong's
  • Optional Full Kit includes Dry Rake Mouthpiece, 17mm Flavor Disk and 14mm female to 19mm male adapter
  • Optional Screens for bowl

Screen Options:

  • Glass- This is actually built into the bowl.  It provides the best taste for the DC Elev8R but has drawbacks too.  One, it's breakable.  You poke at it too much with stir stick and your are liable to break the glass screen.  Two, it clogs easier which can add restriction and a less desirable experience.  Three it lets particulate through without adding another screen on top which can defeat the purpose of a glass screen for some.  
  • Stainless Steel Screen- Just what it is.  Cheap and easy to clean/replace.  Unfortunately these seem to let particulate through as well so maybe want to use a dropdown or ash catcher if you are concerned about it getting into your glass. Doubling up the screens helps some (kit includes 10 extra screens).  

Add On's (a good torch is critical to top performance):

  • Big Buddy by Blazer- Smaller butane capacity but big flame.  Slider flame adjustment.
  • Big Shot by Blazer- Larger butane capacity, big flame and lot's of compatible accessories on the market.  Knob flame adjustment.

 Individual Parts :


Like with any torch system there are risks of burning and fire.  Do not leave unattended and pay special care handling equipment.  People with long hair should keep it pulled back while using the equipment and care should be taken wearing loose/baggy clothing.  Obviously keep away from pets and children.  Common sense goes a long way here.  If you are clumsy, prone to getting burned or just not confident handling high powered equipment, this is NOT for you.  Holler at us at and we can help figure out something more your speed.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Cruz Schatz
simple and effective

Works like it should, it's easy to combust but I'm still learning techniques.

Heavy hitter as advertised

Loving this so far still getting dialed in but this thing hits you like a truck you can't go wrong with this device. VGOOZIEZ couldn't have possibly got this thing sent out any quicker very impressed with this cuz no one wants to wait forever to play with a new device. Will be buying all my supplies here for sure.

Absolute unit

Shoutout to vgoodiez for lighting fast shipping less than twenty minutes after my order placed and it shipped and I got it in two days! This is by far the greatest butane vape I’ve ever had and the flavor is unbelievable! I started vaping with a dyna, then got a mighty and a sticky brick and it outperforms all of them, and as far as butane vapes go, this was the easiest to learn for me. My first time using it was with white cbg flower and the flavor was mesmerizing given its lower terpene content. This is a must buy for anyone who prefers Manuel vapes and it can macro and micro dose easily, and easy to clean with it being all glass


This thing rips so hard once you get the hang of it