Dosing Capsules w/Caddy (Choose Material) for Crafty/Mighty/Venty/Volcano by VGoodiEZ
Dosing Capsules w/Caddy (Choose Material) for Crafty/Mighty/Venty/Volcano by VGoodiEZ

Dosing Capsules w/Caddy (Choose Material) for Crafty/Mighty/Venty/Volcano by VGoodiEZ


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Martin Miller
I got both!

Bought both titanium and stainless steel...
Both are easy to use and work great...
& VGoodiez is the place to get them.

Titanium S&B capsules-- WOW

First let's say that the S&B products are top of the line and the capsules they make are great for disposables and whole concept is ingenious!! But to make it even better.....These titanium capsules are an absolute GAME CHANGER!!! Quality, heat conductivity, and TASTE!! Can operate Venty on the lowest heat setting... and PERFECT in every way. These are super sturdy and not bendable like the S&B capsules. There is also the issue to consider of Aluminum... heating and then breathing in any particulate of aluminum-- NO MATTER how minuscule. We all know Aluminum is NOT good for the brain!! Titanium all the way and if cost is an issue... then consider the stainless steel ones here. Thanks to VGoodiEZ for making something so intuitive and USEFUL!! A must have FOR SURE!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Mike Ferguson
Yes, the titaniums ARE worth it!

Title speaks for itself, but I'll say more.

Have been watching the titanium capsules ever since I got my venty a couple months ago. I haven't had issues with the aluminum stock capsules, but I have bent/lost a few tops and the reviews here made me curious. When the 4/20 sale rolled around, I splurged and got 3 titanium packs....


The flavor profile is so much better, I didn't believe it until I took that first cap for a spin. Oh my lord, so tasty. I seem to get better initial clouds and a few more max heat hits out of the titaniums vs aluminums and the flavor stays great the whole way through.

Typically I run a 'dabwich' in my pucks, about half filled with flower, some dab and/or kief in the middle-top, then more flower on top. Makes the caps last longer and isn't nearly as messy as you might think. In fact, the only oil I get is from the top, and a little along the sides sometimes. A little iso swab around the oven and you're good as new, just make sure to do a full burn off cycle after the iso!

Seriously cannot recommend these enough. If you're going to get a S&B product and use the caps, dont be cheap on the pucks, it's worth the money to get the best experience you can. That's why you bought a S&B product to begin with, isn't it?

Super sturdy and fits great in the venty oven. So good they made me leave a review, and I never do that!

Also, much love for the handwritten note on the invoice, nice to see a little personal touch!

David Levisohn
Stainless steel dosing capsules. Don't procrastinate. Buy them now. What are you waiting for?

Are you a Storz & Bickel enthusiast? Do you use dosing capsules and like to keep your vaporiser clean and in top condition? Are you fed up with aluminium dosing capsules deforming? Then look no further – you are exactly where you need to be.
As a connoisseur spanning many decades, about 3 years ago I made the switch from rolling and bought myself a Mighty+ vaporiser. Although I have been extremely satisfied with my purchase – and believe me, I WILL wax lyrical to anyone who enquires, the only weak link is the stock aluminium dosing capsules provided/available.
Having searched the interwhiffle for better alternatives, I finally landed on the Vgoodiez website. I was home.
I ordered 2 packs of stainless-steel caps about three months ago, and having thoroughly tested them, would like to share my experience.
Not only did they arrive in the UK promptly, but the caps themselves are a thing of beauty. As a previous reviewer stated, they do look slightly larger than the stock items, but still fit perfectly in the unit and the dosing cap magazine. They are perceptively heavier, and as such, have a more robust feel to them – much more tactile and nicer to use. I use my Mighty+ every day and there has been no change to the shape and structure of the caps. Anecdotally, the taste does seem to be better, especially using a cold start method. I should also add that they come in a cool smell proof capsule caddy which fits nicely on a key ring.
For cleaning, once cool (very important) a quick wipe with a cotton bud dipped in iso will stop the build-up of stains and you’re good to go again. I also give them a quick soak in carburettor cleaner once a month to really bring back the shine and make them look like as new.
I recently took advantage of the current offer available and purchased another 3 more sets. These ARE a game changer, and probably the best upgrade available for S&B units. Of course, they are more expensive, but worth EVERY PENNY. The quality is on a par with that of the vaporiser itself, which is high praise. They are, without doubt, the gold standard for S&B dosing caps. Buy them now – you won’t regret it.
You’re still here?
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Go and buy them!