What's with all these parts?

What's with all these parts?

We know the heavy kits we sell have a lot of parts and can be intimidating!  Hopefully this article helps you sort out the details. To start you need to know the basic elements of a heavy kit.  The parts are as follows and we will go into details below on why one might work better than the other for your preference.  

  • Head Assembly including Diffuser Bottom with the B1 and B2
  • Filling material (ruby/boro/other)
  • Coil
  • Coil Handle Option
  • Bowl 
  • Safety Stand
  • PID Controller

Now let's get into some details for each!

Injector Head

  • Flowerpot B0, B1, B2 Head Assemblies
The B0 (B Zero) injector head is engineered from the 19mm shovelhead male post, including dual woven titanium screens for the bottom and top, along with retaining clip. The Cannabis Hardware 20mm coil is visible for a more industrial style which accommodates well with their hempwick wrapped aluminum handle.
The airflow is more restricted than Flowerpot B1 however the B2 has tightest. For this reason we recommend 3mm ruby beads with the B0 and B2 injector heads.
The B1 is an upgrade to the original Weedeater, which it has since replaced. The injector head consists of the B1 Nut (top) and the injector/22mm diffuser (bottom). We’ll get into the diffuser differences in just a moment. These diffusers can be swapped onto B2 or vice versa by unscrewing. It’s much simpler if you can afford to have dedicated setups than continue swapping.
As previously mentioned the B1 features the most open airflow of the entire Flowerpot Baller series. For this reason we offer our Heavy Bundle Kits with 3mm ruby beads. If you want 4mm instead with your kit shoot us an email at sales@vgoodiez.com before ordering and we’ll get that sorted!
When the VRod arrived they were called NewVape now known as Cannabis Hardware. This was their doubledecker/stacker option meaning one may consume flower and concentrates simultaneously. Now known as the B2, the injector head consists of Dab Top, 28mm SiC dish, and B2 Nut as the top components. As mentioned with the B1, the Flowerpot B2 is also compatible with either injector or 22mm diffuser. 
The B2 has the most restrictive airflow out of all three and we offer 4mm ruby beads to offset this difference in airflow. If you want to use concentrates then you will also need the Universal Carb Cap. 
22mm diffuser and injector diffuser, what’s the difference?
The 22mm diffuser was the original design for the B1 and B2. It pairs well with the shovelhead bowl it was designed for providing a nice open airflow and hybrid heating if you let that injector head sit on that shovelhead for a few seconds first before session. The 22mm diffuser is now compatible
  • TiTi DiY inspired Injector Head Assembly

Injector head based on the 19mm male shovelhead post with 3mm ruby beads and basket screen secured from top and bottom. Some argue this device have similar performance to the Pinky and Flowerpot B0. If you decide on the TiTi however I suggest keeping Cannabis Hardware out of your plans as their injector heads require that larger 20mm coil

Using a Quartz Injector Head and 3mm ruby beads, this is one of the more popular devices when it comes to flavor. Before the coil driven was available, we only had the torch driven… at one time without rubies!

Ruby Beads

3mm increase draw restriction and take less time to heat up after an extraction. Flowerpot B0 and B1 specifically performs well with 3mm. 4mm decrease draw restriction and take more time to heat up after extraction. Flowerpot B2 is a perfect example for 4mm beads.



All of the coils we sell at VGoodiEZ are of the 5-Pin XLR North American Standard pinout.  They are compatible with all of the PID's we sell in our shop but may not be compatible with other PID's even if they plug looks the same.  The wire pinout must match how the PID is wired.  See diagram for compatiblity:


We sell coils compatible with Disorderly Conduction, Auber, Cannabis Hardware and Shenzhen Crossing. 

Available in either 16mm or 20mm sizes. If you are the collector or just enjoy DIY projects you may want the 20mm which has far greater compatibility (Flowerpot B0/B1/B2, TKO, Freight Train, Pinky).

If you haven’t heard of the infamous 20mm coil by Cannabis Hardware, well… now you have! A variety of aftermarket injector heads are compatible making this a reliable and popular item!

The 16mm stretched is the coil used with the DC-Elev8R. Having the coil stretch along the quartz heater 

This 16mm coil is not stretched which makes it useful with the TiTi DIY Heavy Bundle. These coils also accept Cannabis Hardware’s Aluminum coil handle.

Coil Handle

Allows for a secure and comfortable grip every time

The Cocobolo coil handle by Ed’s TnT offers a perfect combination of comfort and elegance. This handle is compatible with Disorderly Conduction 16mm coil and Cannabis Hardware 20mm. 

Crafted from the same medical grade aluminum used in their coil stands, these handles by Cannabis Hardware offer an industrial yet custom touch to your setup. Although they will fit B1 and B2 just fine, Flowerpot B0 is ideal when considering the size/weight of injector head paired with the length of the handle. The etching along with the Cannabis Hardware insignia in the middle of handle provide superior grip.

Handmade in the Southwest United States, these are the coil handles include in The Club Pipe System. There’s a variety of wood grains available to suit everyone’s tastes including Black Walnut, Cherry, Oak, Sassafras, Eastern Red Cedar, Mahogany, and Hickory. Designed to fit the Auber and Cannabis Hardware coils these offer an ergonomic design you’ll be sure to enjoy.

Coil Safety Stand

Safely rest your injector head on these coil stands

Our entry level coil safety stand which is most effective with DC-Elev8R, TiTi, and Flowerpot B0. The heaviest B1 and B2 injector heads will rest on the stand. You may want to secure with a weighted object or double sided tape perhaps.
Constructed of medical grade 6061 aluminum 3” base, along with titanium heat post ensures your injector head stays securely positioned. When adding the optional heat shield it offers peace of mind against accidental injury or damage.
Step up your end game setup by adding this coil stand and debowler combination! Crafted out of the same 6061 aluminum, this is even heftier than the Hangar Threaded Stand. With many options to place your shovelhead and also add additional heat posts for additional injector heads. If desired, the debowler spike can be removed and the Hangar Threaded Stand fits perfectly.


These coil stands feature masterfully crafted wooden base in your choice of Cherry, Maple, or Walnut. Securely fasted to the base is a titanium post with pad insulator minimizing thermal transfer. This is the same Post Base included in O’Connell Woodworks TKO Pioneer Kit.
 Injector Chamber

A variety of injector chambers compatible with a number of our Heavy Bundles. The following are compatible with the 22mm diffuser.

Originally designed for the 22mm diffuser, it was revised to accommodate the injector diffuser which rests inside the shovelhead bowl allowing for 1/4 - 1/2 load maximum. If loading a full shovelhead bowl is a priority when building your setup then choose the 22mm diffuser option. 

Shovelhead Post

An essential component to the shovelhead bowl, consider this as the WPA for your glass. Our most common sizes sold are the 14mm and 19mm male post however we also stock 10mm, along with female posts. Please email sales@vgoodiez.com with your request before proceeding with your Heavy Bundle order.

Cannabis Hardware designed this borosilicate glass injector bowl specifically for the 22mm diffuser. This bowl provides greater flavor than shovelhead bowl however the vapor may be less dense.
Constructed of Tigerwood, the biggest takeaway here is dual functionality - 22mm and injector diffuser compatible! When placing the 22mm diffuser onto this bowl expect a steady, yet thorough extraction. The wood does an exceptional job of insulating, much more than borosilicate yet less than titanium.
The following are compatible with the injector diffuser.

With the assistance of customer feedback we redesigned our original borosilicate injector chamber with a more durable handle and improved glass screen deck. V2 also features metal screens for the first time which is our standard option for Heavy Bundles. From 14mm or 19mm, standard or XL, there’s an injector chamber to suit your needs. Don’t forget about our injector pass through chambers!

The Sticky Brick Injector Chamber is a popular among Flowerpot B0 enthusiasts. The injector heads fits nicely onto the chamber allowing for consistent seal while extracting. Similar to Ed’s TnT, these bowls will insulate some of that thermal energy due to their wooden bodies. One unique thing that sets these apart from Ed’s is the swappable glass 14mm/19mm adapters. A simple yet effective design, the screen rests on top of this adapter for using access during cleaning.

  • Ed’s TnT Injector Chamber, V2
Ed’s TnT designs numerous accessories in assorted wood varieties. Ed is always making improvements to designs which explains how we got two V2 and V2 injector chambers. The V2 was released in Cocobolo in 14mm. Building on the V2, we have an injector chamber compatible with both 22mm and injector diffuser. This time the wood variety closed was Tigerwood and thus the V3 was born.
PID Controller

Used to heat the coil reliably and efficiently. Auber offers the most options while DC Micro is basic controller that is very reliable

Featuring a black anodized enclosure with one knob controller which performs activation of temperature setting mode by tapping and increase or decrease set temperature by turning the know. There’s also a dual color power button so you’ll always know when the device is operational and when it is turned off, along with a hot coil warning feature which remains for 25 minutes. This can be changed or removed by adjusting the settings which we’ll get into below. 


The Auber RDK-300B Supplementary Manual

Warning, if you are uncomfortable tinkering with settings and parameters on this device in fear of frying your coil, don’t attempt anything mentioned in the manual. For those comfortable with this, there’s a host of features available. We carry the most recent version featuring Boost Mode and adjustments in the Supplementary Manual, which is called Menu 122.

Our compact and budget oriented PID controller featuring a 3D enclosure  and hard press on/off button meaning these are smart plug compatible. Have your favorite setup ready for you 5 minutes before you arrive home after that strenuous day at work, indulge my friend! These generally run hotter than Auber controllers meaning you won’t have to crank it up past 550* very often.
The Dual Disorderly Conduction PID Controller combines two single controllers into one convenient housing. This device features two separate power cords meaning they are powered on/off separately as well. As with the single DC Micro, this controller could be synced with a smart plug.
Our portable version of the DC Micro features all the same internals you’ve come to rely on over the years. What makes this controller unique is it’s simple portability equipped with a durable shock resistant outer case. 

Did the Pelinail 1030 catch your eye however you wish there was room for some party supplies. Look no further with our Disorderly Conduction Pelinail 1120 V2! Featuring crush and dust proof enclosure made here in the USA. If you have any questions about this product please email us at sales@vgoodiez.com 

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