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"Hangar" Threaded Base Stand and Heat Shield Options by Cannabis Hardware

Regular price $55.00

Secure your FlowerPot Head!

*If you will be using this on an existing CH stand, pick the curved adapter.  Heat Post needed to attach to stand and Sold Separately. 

This new heat shield works along side the Insulated Heat Post to ensure the FlowerPot Head (B1, B2 or Injector) is safely kept and out of easy reach. This shield is milled from 6061 aluminum tubing to minimize waste and make the process more efficient. 

* Does not include Insulated Heat Post (3196) or Basic Heat Stand (7011)

  • Made from 6061 aluminum tubing
  • Protects from unwanted access to the FlowerPot Head
  • Requires a Basic Heat Stand (7010), 5" Stand (7011) or PID Stand (3329 or 3273)
  • Requires an insulated Heat Post (3196)
  • Designed for B1. B2 and Injector Heads
  • Made in the USA. 


- Threaded Base with heat Post- The basic safety stand

- Hangar 3" Threaded Base with heat post- Purchase this if you need everything including heat post and shielded base.  

- Hangar 3" Threaded Base (3438)- Purchase this if you have a heat post already but need to add a shielded base.  

- Hangar Curved Base Adapter (3437)- Purchase this version only if you already have a legacy standard base that you want to convert to a shielded base.  

- Hangar Shield (3431)- add this if you already have a threaded stand and heat post

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Solid base , highly recommended

    Using this base adds extra level of safety to the ball vape experience

    Carson Bradbury
    Absolutely a must have for the Flowerpot

    I feel much better leaving my Flowerpot on for hours with this thing on my stand. Makes it almost impossible to burn yourself while the device is on the stand. The shield does get fairly warm, but even at 650F it never gets to hot to hold indefinitely. Definitely add this to your Flowerpot bundle!

    Peace of mind.

    The Stand is heavy and feels solid.
    The Hanger Shield I'm glad I bought. The b0 I bought has an exposed coil and it shields it well.

    Customer service is fantastic and answered any question I had!

    Worth the price for safety

    Sturdy stand, does the job. Hangar shield was worth it to me for the piece of mind. The hangar shield also does not get as hot as the coil.