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Fat Tony
Really nice

I started out using an injector head with a glass bowl. It was good but I wanted to see the difference with the shovel head bowl, after a while I got one and use that with the injector head for a while and everything was good but of course at that point I wanted to try it with the 22mm diffuser. It's great, each piece isn't a huge upgrade on it's own but using it all together is fantastic.
I was also able to lower my temps a fair amount and I'm now getting full extractions form a single hit, no need to stir anymore.

Great diffuser head

My favorite diffuser head for large hits.

Great Upgrade

Changes the game. If you’ve got an OG V-Rod, this turns it into a completely different device. Fully mimics the motion of lighting a bowl with almost instant results. Make sure to get an extra screen so your pearls don’t fall out of the top nut!

Part of a great upgrade

Rating for the listing. I've had a Vrod FP and wanted to get to the baller heads that are out now. The link to this page and description gave me the impression you could convert your original Vrod to a baller head with the part in this listing. You cannot. Your head will be full of ruby balls as hot as your set point and if you tip the head these superheated balls will dump out. To stop this you need the B2 nut that is another $20 or so. Then you're also going to need the bottom part of your carb cap if you want to use that to fit the B2 nut. Now that you have all the parts, I would rate the head you make out of this "kit" at 5 stars. I dropped my PID by about 100 degrees but it is darkening the flower at least as fast anyway, it's much more even, and it tastes a lot better too. I just wish the info about and links to the other parts had been on this page. An upgrade I'd do again in a minute!

Hi Jeff, sorry about the confusion here. A lot of times we pull descriptions from the manufacturer site which was the case here. We are a small company so sometimes that is most efficient for us. That said we have now updated the listing based on your feedback. Sorry for any confusion.