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Injector Chamber in Cocobolo by Ed's TnT

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Updated V2 released 05/2022. Load area has been reduced to 5/8" bringing it closer to the heat source as well as a 1/2" countersink below the screen providing a more efficient vapor path for significant extraction.

Useful for a number in injector style units including the TiTi (sits on top), DC Elev8R (sits on top and MOST heaters experience seal problems so not ideal), Cannabis Hardware Injector diffuser for the B1 and B2, The B0, Musa V2, Supreme, Qaroma and others!   Could be difficult to seal with the Terp Torch, Hot Rod and Freight Train so not really recommended there.  Works with Herborizer Ti/DigiTi for a small loads only (cover the screen deck and not much more).  Also works with the Neo (silicone ring required for perfect seal).  14mm male fitting to be compatible with 14mm female water pieces.   Comes with 3 screens.

Hand made in Mississippi from Cocobolo wood.  Cocobolo has a lot of color and grain variance so it may differ significantly from the picture.   It's also hand made so there may be some small fitment issues depending on your glass.    Remember to remove the wood bowl from your water piece right after using it or it could expand and get stuck.  You don't want that!  

Customer Reviews

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Jon Perrozzino
Gorgeous piece, finicky seal with Freight Train (I'm sorry :C)

When you get the seal, it rips. Usually don't have to hit the bowl twice, it's done after 1 pull. Seal is finicky, or I suck at maintaining a seal. Either way, anyone with a terp torch, freight train, or elev8r, this bowl is probably not for you.

Thanks so much for your feedback! We had put a warning in the description about the Elev8R but wasn't aware it would be a challenge to seal with the others. We very much appreciate you letting us know and we'll update the description!

Evan Eisenberg
My go-to flowerpot bowl

This is my go-to bowl for the Flowerpot B1 injector. Great flavor & easy to maintain. Also, VG is THE BEST! Crazy fast shipping even during 4/20 and they always go above & beyond to show their customers they care.

Ed's TnT cocobolo injector bowl

Ed's TnT cocobolo injector bowl is amazing. It's so beautiful in the sun the quality is outstanding. I get huge thick flavorful vapor clouds. definitely recommend it. Works great with Any injector style vapes. I use the B-Zero & DIY pinky an it works amazing.

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Steven S
Ed’s TNT Cocobolo injector chamber bowl

A must have for anybody with any of the injector vapes: TiTi, Pinky and I can only speak on the Flowerpot BZero and after having this I can’t imagine having it, I have the Elev8, CH Shovelhead bowl, Sticky Brick Walnut injector chamber and now Ed’s, all from VGoodiez at the best price with shipping literally 3-4 times faster than CH themselves and am all set with that collection. Ed’s is real nice wood and puts the fire the right distance from the campfire so to speak, nice tight seal with any of the injector vapes, never going to break, the screen and bowl stay clean and don’t clog. There’s never any wood taste with Ed’s products and the flavor is surprisingly good for wood.. I definitely recommend it.