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Universal Carb Cap by Cannabis Hardware

Regular price $65.00

This newly designed Universal Carb Cap is the "Mother of all Carb Caps". It is made from Grade 2 Titanium and it is specifically designed to fit into all of New Vape's vaporizer lines, including ALL Flowerpot Vrod, Weedeater,T-Bucket/Tsunami, B1 and B2 heads and Banger set ups.

  • Grade 2 Titanium
  • 2 Air Holes
  • Fits Vrod, Weedeater, DCup T-Bucket, Tsunami, B1 and B2 heads
  • Made in the USA
  • Rev 2 started shipping 11/18/21 - fits B2 Nut

Universal Cap Rev 2 (3288)


***Carb caps are only intended to be installed for 30 - 40 sec intervals. Leaving the carb cap installed for additional time will cause the carb cap to heat up and be dangerous to touch.


Optional Wood Handle


Wood handles crafted by hand in Mississippi!


- Optional Cocobolo handle.

- Retaining threaded collar is made from Gr 2 Titanium. 

- Interchangeable with all CH parts that share a 10/24 thread. 

- Screw has a 5/32" allen head, stainless.  (Allen tool not included)

- Made in the USA



- Cocobolo Handle by Ed's TNT

- 10/24 x 1 1/4" allen screw

- Gr 2 Titanium Custom Threaded Collar.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Perfect cap

Works great!

Sam B
Works great!

Great carb cap that works beautifully with the B2! 👏