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Coil Handle in Cocobolo by Ed's TnT

Regular price $50.00

Crafted in Mississippi, this handled is not only beautiful but it makes for comfortable handling of your hot coil runners.  Fits best with 20mm coils by Cannabis Hardware or Auber and requires no modification other than maybe a little electrical tape to keep it perfectly set.  Will work with coils by Disorderly Conduction by removing the black rubber sheath around the coil clamp.  Will NOT work with Auber 16mm coils.  The clamp is just too large to slide down into the handle.  WE CANNOT account for fitment on every coil so please check with us first before buying if you have compatibility questions.  Coils with a larger size clamp like this will NOT fit.  

Cocobolo is a wood with a lot of color and grain variation.  The item you receive may look significantly different than the picture but it will be of the highest quality and just how nature intended it.  If you have a specific color or pattern you are looking for you can make a request in the order notes but we can't promise anything.  

*Cannabis Hardware 20mm coil is for demonstration only and is not included but is available for sale here.  

*This is the V2 which narrows the cord gap and helps keep it contained in the channel.  The channel is actually a little more narrow now than what is showing in the picture (v1).  If you are having trouble with your V1 cord falling out please contact us at sales@vgoodiez.com and we can provide a replacement.  Not all coils need this but depending on your setup, it may be better to have a more narrow channel.  

Customer Reviews

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beautiful work

Looks great, feels great, highly recommend.


This is an absolutely beautiful handle and it feels great. With a small adjustment, I attached it to my DC Elev8r and it looks like it was meant to be there.

Beautiful Handle

Excellent workmanship looks GREAT... With Excellent Service ... even with demanding SOB's .. Thank You Scott!! Great selection of Products .. Adult Candy store!!!


Feels so soft and smooth it's almost hard to believe it's wood. Love it!