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3mm Ruby Beads - 3g Bag by VGoodiEZ

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These 3mm Ruby (Lab Created) beads / balls / spheres have a number of different purposes being used in both heat sink vaporizer tech as well as glass mouthpiece cooling tech.  

Pouch is filled with 3g of beads or more. This is just enough to completely fill up the Elev8R E43 heater.  ~100 3mm ruby beads.

VGoodiez takes no responsibility for personal injury or damage to personal vaporizing equipment as a result of modifications with these beads.  Hot balls are dangerous too so be careful! 

They can be used terp pearls for your banger (16m). It is also NOT recommended to use  beads for the Elev8R torch.  Only the enail driven E43 version.    

Email for larger quantity price.  

Customer Reviews

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Excellent quality. Very fast shipping.

Little Gems

Worked perfectly for the SSV upgrade, one bag was enough to notice a difference but another half bag fills up the intake completely, and improves vapor quality greatly.


These rubies are the single most important upgrade you could make to the terp torch. I have tried boro, quartz, titanium, SiC34, and now ruby. The ruby is the best so far, no hotspotting. Does take a little longer to heat soak but no worries. Came with plenty, even have about a dozen spares.

Great Beads!

I purchased these to replace the glass beads in my terp torch. I wanted to see how they would perform compared to the D-Dave titanium beads, and it turns out I like these better for that device. The rubies seem to be able to handle higher temperatures without producing hot spots, which was an issue I was still having with the titanium beads.