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Injector Diffuser by Cannabis Hardware

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About the Injector Diffuser

This diffuser opens the door to be able to use your flowerpot with an array of widely available glass bowls. 

The diffuser is a "B" style diffuser, so it can be filled with balls which increases the surface area the air must travel through before it hits your bowl. 

The 3/4" screen will sit in a groove where it will retain all the heating balls. 

This provides all the benefits of a ball vape in an "injector" style head. 

The size of the injector is based around our 18mm post, which will allow for it to work with a wide variety of bowls already available on the market.

If you buy 3mm ruby then two 3g bags are included.  One won't fill it up but two will provide you some extra left over.  If you elect for 4mm then one bag will fill it up.  If you elect 3mm boro we just top it over here with our bulk supply.  

We recommend these bowls HERE!


- Will not work with Weedeater nut only. Needs a retaining screen. B1 nut is your solution for this. 


- Injector Diffuser (3417)

- 3/4" Ti Screen (3103)

This part is good if you already own a VRod and want to convert it to an injector baller unit.  If you need the whole head assembly, purchase this product here instead.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Love my B2 injector setup

Ordered the bundle with the standard diffuser but wanted more options for bowls
I like the results I've dialed in with my B2 since ordering.Nit to mention great prices, fast shipping and customer service.

B1 + injector

This is my end game device right here!!! I didn't think it could get much better than the B2 but seeing the clip with the ispire bowl made this a must have. Loyal customer for life