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Borosilicate Injector Chamber by VGoodiEZ

Regular price $35.00

These Injector Chambers work with all injector style ball units on the market including the DC Elev8R, TiTi, Pinky, B0, B1, B2, Hot Rod, Terp Torch, Qaromashop and others.   This has a built-in glass screen and it is high enough where it WILL NOT work with Herborizer.  Also the taper is NOT compatible with the Cloud Connuesure gear or Musa.  






Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mary Hinkle
Best glass injector bowl

Fits the DCelev8r and B0 like a glove, nice and stable for handsfree use. Plus, it has a handle! No more singed fingertips! The built-in glass screen is convenient. This bowl holds a little less herb than the elev8 bowl, but more than the grav 18mm octobowl.

As always, Scott shipped this within an *hour* of me ordering it.

DFreeZ Designs
Great Glass Injector

If you’re looking for an easier alternative than the ispire banger for your pinky or b-zero setup this is great at an affordable price.

Thank you VGoodiEZ!

Vgoodiez Glass Injector Chamber

I am really liking these glass injector chambers by Vgoodiez. By far better than the Elev8r glass injector chamber! The screen holes are the perfect size and hold your ground material very well. I pretty much own all the other glass injector chambers and so far I am liking the Vgoodiez version the most of all! Looking forward for when these bad boy's are back in-stock. Don't sleep on these if you are in the market. As always Vgoodiez is the absolute very best! 5/5

Steven S
VGoodiEZ Glass Injector Bowl/Chamber

I love this injector bowl! It’s my favorite of the 5 I have and I have to say it’s the best glass bowl I’ve used with my Flowerpot injector head. It puts the material at the ideal distance from the heat, not too close like some, not too far. I like it better than the ELEV8 Bowl and the all glass screen is awesome and doesn’t clog easily like my screened bowls do. The handle on the side isn’t an additional $20 add on which is nice. Finally a good glass injector bowl that isn’t a converted adapter or from Malaysia or somewhere weird. Not to mention it’s hands free, the injector sits perfectly right in the bowl.