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Borosilicate Injector Chamber by VGoodiEZ

Sale price $15.00 Regular price $20.00

Being discontinued in favor of the V2 version, these will be available at a discount until they sell out.   Some of the coin handles have had trouble staying welded which is why we have changed the design.  We cannot replace any bowls due to the coin handle coming off.  

These Injector Chambers work with all injector style ball units on the market including the DC Elev8R, TiTi, Pinky, B0, B1, B2, Lethal Injector, Hot Rod, Terp Torch, Freight Train, Qaromashop and others.   This has a built-in glass screen.  The XL chamber is high enough (+20mm) where it WILL work with Herborizer, Cloud Connoisseur gear and the Musa!  

Please note this is mass produced glass. There may be some small variation to the glass formation including the screen deck.  These small variations are not likely to have any performance impact at all but may be visually apparent.  If you are not comfortable with glass tolerance issues you may be better off with a different solution.  If you are looking for an absolute perfect screen deck please make a request in your order comments and we'll take the extra time to check, otherwise please accept the small variations you might see on occasion that comes along with mass produced glass.  

Customer Reviews

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Vaporous Spirit
Love it!

I needed a quick replacement for my Elev8r and this little gem did not disappoint. It works great, and the shipping was crazy fast...even for the holidays! I'm going to grab a couple extras to have on hand...just in case.

Anthony E.

A perfect experience. Incredibly easy shopping, rapid shipping, safe and secure. I got this injector for my pinky and it works like a charm.

Excellent! Love having both sizes!

This is another excellent product from Scott/VGoodiez. They work just as well as my official ELEV8R bowl, they have handy dandy little handles, and best of all, I don't have to hunt around for an adapter if I'm using one of my 18/19mm piece.

Oh yes, both sizes are great!

Wow, I love that there are two sizes of injector bowls with both 14mm and 18mm male options for your glass piece.

The XL is really super for the Herborizer and Halo. Probably looking at about double the distance between heater and glass screen for the Halo compared to the long ole Herborizer. But both close enough to do the job right.

And the non-SL is superb for my B-Zero.

Nice quality glass, packed well and lightning fast shipping. Bravo VGoodiez again!!!