Injector Chamber by Sticky Brick Labs
Injector Chamber by Sticky Brick Labs
Injector Chamber by Sticky Brick Labs
Injector Chamber by Sticky Brick Labs

Injector Chamber by Sticky Brick Labs


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William Cermele
End game in flavor

I have been vaping for some time and am always searching for improvements to my set up. Recently added the b-zero with a glass bowl and was very impressed but was still searching for more. Enter the sticky brick injector. For starters the seal is much better and the results are fuller and more flavorful. It's also much easier to clean. As for ascetic, the square bowl looks absolutely beautiful with the c cell cube. I was torn between this or an injector from Ed. I knew I wanted wood but am glad I choose the brick.

Love Happens

I got a Stcky Brick Bowl with my Hot Rod from OldHead, and promptly started buying glass injector bowls. One day I went back to the SB bowl it came with, and it was amazing. I came right to VGOODIEZ to get another one, and saw the beautiful patterns available, and couldn't decide which to get, so I got one of each. They were even more beautiful in person, particularly after I rubbed them with cutting board oil. They work perfectly with my Hot Rod, Neo, and DDAVE injector vape. They work so well, are so beautiful, and are easy to maintain, so I got two more sets.
Sometimes love happens, and you go for it.

Works great with a Pinky

I love this thing. Glass injectors couldn’t get a good seal on my Pinky, but this one seals perfectly and I get infinitely better clouds.

Outstanding service

Purchased for use with a Prrl Neo. It functions as it should and its simplicity means unless I misuse it, it wont fail.
This review is more for Vgoodiez. I have purchased a few times from their website and never had a problem. They seem to have curated a good selection of quality products at fair prices and they ship fast. What more could you want?
👏👏👏Well done VGs!