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"The Heavie's" Some comparisons to help with your decision.

Posted by Scott VGoodiEZ on

Some pro's and con's to think about if your are in the market for a premium heavy hitter desktop.....

Herborizer Vaporizer (XL, Ti, DigiTi systems)


Premium taste-  Herborizer as always been regarded as one of the the most flavorful units available.  The XL system requires a bit of a heat soak for bigger reps but always shines in the flavor department.  The Ti and DigiTi systems are going to pack a bigger punch but still nothing like the ball units on the market.

Versatile- can do high temp dense hits (heat soak required) or sip the terps away with low temp session style hits. 

Design- Classy, beautiful and solid build, Interchangeable parts both for the vaporizer and how it works with glass. Nice custom glass that works perfect for the Herborizer.


Expensive- Near the top of the food chain in that department.

Has glass- Depending on the model you seek you can have more or less but the good thing is, it's all available separately. And we ship worldwide from the U.S. btw.

Danger- it's hot but not nearly as hot as the others. I mean that in terms of exposed parts. If you brush this you will feel it but won't get burned like brushing the exposed coil/Ti vapes. I definitely recommend you pick up the Herborizer stand if you don't have something suitable already. The new heat posts for the FP also work as well if you'd like to integrate this into your Flowerpot setup.  

Notes: Maybe not worth the price to some, but I have never heard someone that actually own's one say that. Everyone I have sold has provided extremely satisfied customers. I have been around for years and have a huge collection. IMO it warrant's its price and is the premium desktop to own. You can use a fast or slow draw but they will yield different results based on the speed and the operating temp. Made in France. Uses Glass Bowls that seal easily.




E-Elev8R Enail Mod (DC-Elev8R) ($280-475):



Demonstration: DC-Elev8R Coil-Driven Heavy Bundle Kit



Cost- Least expensive of the heavies.  

Versatility- Can easily adapt to a torch driven vape.  

Taste- I call this the poor man's Herbo because IMO this takes second place in taste. 

Rips- Like the Herbo, capable of big rips at higher temps (over 700 which is really hot but it's the only way to get big rips but will also add to your session time) or lower temps for the tasty session style.   Add glass/ruby beads to the heater to enable lower temperatures and clearing of bowls in 1-2 high quick pull rips. Outside of the improved quality of the components the heater fill is the biggest difference between the DC-Elev8R we offer and the E-Elev8R that 7th floor has come out with.  The DC-Elev8R also has a lot more options to fine tune your experience while supporting American companies instead of direct from China parts.   


Danger- This coil is straight up exposed and runs hotter than the other vapes if you want big rips. From an ergonomics standpoint it's lighter than the other offerings but it may not sit as comfortable in your safety stand situation depending on the coil and route you use for the stand. Heat up time will be longer. It will also take more heat out of the mass when ripped so back to back rips require a wait to let the heat build back up. Not a super long wait but it goes down and doesn't recover as fast as the completion.

Notes: Again the poor man's Herbo for the lowest cost on the board. Needs a slower draw to get dense hits IF you don't have boro or ruby fill.  If you do, it actually benefits from a stiffer rip.  




TiTi DIY Inspired Injector Kit ($224-275 [on sale]):

TiTi (and Pinky) were the first  DIY injector style heavies to  include balls or beads. 

Recently DiY Heavy Hitting Vaporizers have become popular.  Specifically Coil Driven Injector Style Vaporizers using balls in various forms are some of the most popular here.  To our knowledge, the idea for the TiTi was thought up by Secreagent from Reddit/FC/Potentially other platforms.  It is similar in a form, function and cost to the DC Elev8R that we offer, but perhaps a bit more durable with the use of a Titanium Heater Head vs the Quartz Heater Head the DCE uses (with a sacrifice of taste).  

We just happen to sell a lot of the parts for these kits individually and we get a lot of questions from newer users on what they need, so we decided to put these kits together with options to purchase as little or as much as you need.  We will also do the coil burn off and kit setup so you don't need to worry!  

If you purchase from this listing you must include a PID, Bowl and Stand.  If you don't need ALL of these parts please purchase the parts individually.  Note we will install this unless you ask us otherwise.  The shovelhead post may get scratched up in the install process but it won't impact performance. 


Comparison: Cannabis Hardware B Zero v. Auber TiTi Heavy Kit



Our most affordable DIY Inspired Kit. Compatible with several bowl options. More durable than Elev8R due to shovelhead post (versus Elev8R’s Quartz Injector Head). 


Exposed coil. It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing of all, after one hit you won’t care anyways. Smallest coil (16mm) with limited compatibility (difficult to upgrade).


 TiTi DIY Inspired Kit


Cannabis Hardware Baller Series (B0, B1, B2)


B Zero ($260-425):

Released to compete with DIY Injector Kit movement (TiTi) which involves addition of borosilicate and/or ruby beads. Cannabis Hardware added an upgraded 20mm coil, compared to 16mm coil found on DC-Elev8R and TiTi.


Unboxing: Cannabis Hardware B•0/RDK300b Heavy Bundle Kit


Demonstration: Cannabis Hardware B•0 Heavy Bundle
Demonstration: Cannabis Hardware B•0 Heavy Bundle Kit


Cheapest of the baller series. Offers B-1 performance at a more budget friendly price. Marginally “safer” than TiTi DIY Kit only because it’s manufactured direct from Cannabis Hardware. They also upgraded the shovelhead post (machined lip below coil) for better fitment in a variety of injector bowls.


Coil is visible and exposed, similar aesthetics to the TiTi (slightly improved). 


 Cannabis Hardware B Zero


B-1 ($345-510):

Cannabis Hardware upgraded the Weedeater encompassing balls/beads into the unit, which adds more thermal mass to injector head. The B-1 and B-2 offer an injector diffuser or 20mm diffuser (for Shovelhead bowl).


Demonstration: Cannabis Hardware B•1 Heavy Bundle Kit


The 20mm coil is enclosed in a Titanium injector head which is slightly safer and helps retain temperature. No replaceable parts (ie. bags, whips, glass) except beads of course.


Pricier than B Zero or TiTi with similar performance.

B-2 ($166):

Similar to the Weedeater, Cannabis Hardware discontinued the VRod in replacement of B-2. It still uses the same housing, with optional 3mm or 4mm borosilicate/ruby beads. The beads are held securely fastened by a nut.


The ability to simultaneously consume your concentrates and dry herb with absolute ease. Has slightly more mass than B-1 with added top dish. This may make denser hits possible. No replaceable parts (ie. bags, whips, glass) except beads of course.


Expensive, though a worthwhile investment. A must have for the concentrate aficionado! Slowest heat up out of the current Cannabis Hardware Baller Series.



Cannabis Hardware B2 Injector Head


Cannabis Hardware WE/VRod-



Heats up relatively quick. Provides very dense hit's. Quality Craftsmanship with high grade materials. In this department, Herbo takes the cake in France and Cannabis Hardware here in the U.S. Lot's of cool accessories, many of which are interchangeable between other models. Their enail handles are the best! Taste is good at the low temps.  Offer multiple controller/coil options.  Capable of dense heavy rips when the draw is slowed a bit.  


Danger- This is that hot exposed Ti I was talking about. Touch this for any length of time and you will get a burn and possibly a blister.   Cost is middle to higher end. Larger bowls that really do eat weed! LOL You really only need enough to cover the bottom of the screen but even that is a lot and makes microdosing difficult.

Notes- The big advantage the VRod has over the WE is double deckers or perhaps want to have the capability to do dabs on their own. The VRod can in fact do dabs but it's really not the greatest solution and not nearly as tasty as many other alternatives. From a flower standpoint the WE is more open the VRod IMO. That said a bonus of the VRod is it has the same coil and bottom section head needs as the VRod. Converting a VRod to a WE is not too expensive and quick to change out of your are only going to do flower anyway. The Weedeater head is also less weight which is kind of nice.  Both of these vapes can benefit from the carb cap to make easy milk but the VRod really requires it if you are going to do dabs.  If you are going to do mainly flower, do yourself a favor and save the money on the head and cap, just get the WE.  Made in the USA!  




Silver Surfer Vaporizer (SSV), Da Buddha Vaporizer (DBV), Light Saber (LSV)



I group these together as they are all based on the same heating technology but are in slightly different form factors.  They all use a ceramic rod as the heat source.  This is a very safe, efficient and effective way to deliver high quality 100% convection vapor.  They were the some of the earliest heavies mass produced and still very much hold their own to to this day.  They are cost effective and have solid American made build quality!  


This doesn't apply to everyone and it's much less of an issue since 7th Floor got away from the original heater cover but some folks struggle with technique on these units.  Without any modifications they require you to slow their draw to get the big rips you crave.  Hacks have been made to add glass balls to the heater compartment but it's not recommended by the manufacturer because if you don't use the correct type they can fuse to the ceramic rod.  7th floor helps by offering a quartz tube heater enhancement which is a safer yet effective alternative.  







Same heating tech of the 7th Floor lineup but you have the ability to dab off the quartz cover on this one!  You can even load herb in the wand and dabs on top! 

Also uses a 14mm wand as opposed to a 19mm wand which allows for smaller loads.  They offer a Ti handset which really bumps up heat and vapor density.  

Ditanuim offers a number of different wood housing options including custom hardwood species!  Hardwood units made in the USA.


Whips are not for everyone.  They do an effective job in cooling the vapor but they also can negatively impact taste.  They also get pretty smelly after repeated use so you'd want to have a solution to store them away airtight if that bothers you. 




Collyland (Aromatizer / One Armed Bandit)



Big rips, big taste and a build in water piece so no other glass is required.  The vapor quality is top shelf and it's smoooooth!  


Breakable!  If this falls it may be over.  It's made of ceramic and likely won't go back together well.  These are also imported from Europe so harder to get and will be more expensive with import tax and shipping.  The one ball also gets very hot so you can burn yourself if not careful.  



Updated 5/16/2022


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