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B0 (B Zero) Injector Heavy Bundle Curated by VGoodiEZ

Regular price $260.00

The B-Zero is the latest iteration of the "B" series of heads. This time, it is a single piece "ball" device inspired by the different DIY devices appearing in the community, namely the DIY device put together by "secreagent" which involved the CH 18mm posts and a 16mm coil. 

CH removed the machined screen (extra mass) and replaced with a second 5/8 double weave screen located directly below the coil. They also increased the mass to fit one of our 20mm flowerpot coils. 

100ish x 3mm Rubies fills the heater complete with just enough room to get the screen in.  If you'd like 4mm instead simply leave a comment in the comments and we will send you an invoice for $10 which is the difference in cost between 3mm and 4mm.

* The B Zero is to be used with a 20mm coil made by Cannabis Hardware in this case.  We burn off and test coils prior to shipment so there are no returns.  It is an XLR connection and is interchangable with the PID equipment we sell but may not work with other equipment.  Even if it plugs in correctly, the wiring underneath needs to match.  You can cause damage to the coil and PID if not.  

Standard Contents:


- B Zero Head (3430) w/ installed 3mm ruby.  4mm available upon request.  

- Stainless Steel Spring Clip (9429)

- 5/8" Titanium Screen x2 (9375)

Controller Options:

  • Disorderly Conduction Micro- Made in the USA, the value workhorse.  3D printed enclosure takes up minimal space and is lightweight for travel.  No frills basic design including hard on/off switch that works with smart plugs.  Offers the widest temperature range as the coils and controllers are both manufactured by DC and the electronics are minimal.  All controllers are offered in black color but other colors may be available for special order upon request.  Just email sales@vgoodiez.com.  Start this controller at 600 for the VRod and 550 for the Weedeater.  Adjust from there.  
  • Auber RDK300- Made in China, designed and sourced out of Georgia, USA.  Nice metal enclosure with knob for temperature adjustments and auto shutoff feather.   Has soft power switch so not workable with smart plugs.  One of the most popular PID controllers out there, you can also dive into menu and make further adjustments but please contact Auber directly for support.  We can provide some manual links but not much else.  

Stand Option:

  • Disorderly Conduction- Basic stainless steel stand that hold the coil and heater in place to provide a stable holder.  The stand is light so it will slide.  We recommend placing it on a non slip surface or even tape the stand to the desk with double sided tape.  
  • Cannabis Hardware Heat Post with Base- The stand made for this kit.  Most safe and most elegant.  

Coil Handle Option:

  • None- You don't need a handle.  It's a luxury.  You can safely and comfortably touch the coil at the clamp or above without any fear of getting burned.  
  • Cannabis Hardware Aluminum Handle- Nice grip.  Industrial look wrapped in hempwick.  Comes preinstalled and cannot be removed without some work and then you'll need new hempwick to reinstall.  
  • Ed's TnT Cocobolo Wood Handle- Slips over he cord and clamp.  Beautiful to look at and feels great in hand with the natural smoothness of Ed's woodwork.  

Injector Chamber Option:

  • VGoodiEZ Injector Chamber- Choose 14mm or 19mm Male.  This injector has quickly become one of our best sellers based on it's performance and value!  It has a built in glass screen which has less holes than the Elev8 Glass Screen Injector so it lets through less scoobies!  It has a nice handle to grab for clearing without having to handle a hot bowl.  You can drop the injector in and the bowl will hold it.   
  •  Ispire Straight Banger- 14mm Male.  This is really a hack where we install a 20.8mm domed screen in a regular banger.  The only real advantage it would have over the same priced VGoodiEZ injector is it may be better for smaller loads.   It's the only reason this option is here at this point.  It used to be that price was the advantage but the VGoodiEZ injector is now the same price.  You can drop the injector in and the bowl will hold it but I'd be careful with this as the glass in this is pretty thin and can break if you are not careful.    
  • Elev8R from Elev8 Glass- Steel Screen Option- 14mm Male.  Bowl has a frosted joint which is different from the rest.  Screens can be changed and replaced.  They do let through a good bit of particulate so you can double them up and or use an ash catcher or adapter to filter out the scoobies.  You can drop the injector in and the bowl will hold it.  
  • Injector Chamber by Sticky Brick Labs- 14mm Male.  This is a favorite among many and for good reason!  It has a Walnut top and glass joint bottom.  The screen deck and bowl circumference help channel the head nicely in this wood chamber.  This bowl is not easy to clean (no ISO) and if you combust, you'll likely never fully get rid of the taste.  Be careful!  The injector sits on top of the chamber with this one and doesn't lock in.  You'll need to hold it over the top while you use it and remove it to clear the piece.
  • Injector Chamber by Ed's TnT- 14mm Male.  This is another beautifully crafted piece of functional art by Ed.  His signature cocobolo designed to provide just a little different experience while you gawk at the cocobolo color and grain!  This bowl is not easy to clean (no ISO) and if you combust, you'll likely never fully get rid of the taste.  Be careful!  The injector sits on top of the chamber with this one and doesn't lock in.  You'll need to hold it over the top while you use it and remove it to clear the piece.   
  • Shovelhead with Ed's TnT Cocobolo Handle- Choose either 14mm Male or 19mm Male post.  Other available upon request to sales@vgoodiez.com.  Made of Grade 2 Ti this is the most durable option.  It works with the injector as the injector drops and seals on the inside edge.  The Ti heats up quickly and provides a bit of an extra punch!  The cocobolo Ed's handles just top it off with the rest!  

    Also includes bonus:

    220V Coils and Worldwide Power Cords Available.  Please specify needs in the comments.  

    All kits are burned off and set up prior to shipping unless otherwise requested.  It comes plug and play!  


    Like with any exposed/covered coil system there are risks of burning and fire.  Do not leave unattended and pay special care handling equipment.  People with long hair should keep it pulled back while using the equipment and care should be taken wearing loose/baggy clothing.  Obviously keep away from pets and children.  Common sense goes a long way here.  If you are clumsy, prone to getting burned or just not confident handling high powered, high temperature equipment, this is NOT for you.  Holler at us at sales@vgoodiez.com and we can help figure out something more your speed.  


    Safety Precautions and Setup Video



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Dilam Jarquin

    I’ve finally decided to upgrade to an injector style coming from the B2 I gotta say I love the performance on the B0. Everything came in a an expected and I’m very satisfied with my purchase. Saved a little money than ordering straight from CH. Recommend it to anybody looking into ball vapes and that is trying to get the best price.

    The Best

    I have pax 3, xq2, mighty + and dynavap. The B zero is the best.

    Nick Coenen
    Smoking is history

    This vape instantly made me quit smoking my weed. It hits harder than any other vape I own. Vaping my weed trough the B0 ducks you up like you're 14 again.

    Excellent investment

    I bought this a while ago and I haven’t had the chance to use it until now and I have to say it’s the best thing I’ve used in awhile. I think if you’re on the fence then you should commit to this. The customer service is top notch as well.