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Vaporizer Comparison Articles — Desktops

Cannabis Hardware B•0 vs. TiTi Heavy Bundle Kits: What’s the Difference⁉️

Posted by Jay VGoodiEZ on

“The TiTi DIY-Inspired Injector Bundle curated exclusively by VGoodiez is the most budget friendly coil-driven currently available on market.’’’

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"The Heavie's" Some comparisons to help with your decision.

Posted by Scott VGoodiEZ on

Some pro's and con's to think about if your are in the market for a premium heavy hitter desktop..... Herborizer Vaporizer (XL, Ti, DigiTi systems) Pro's:  Premium taste-  Herborizer as always been regarded as one of the the most flavorful units available.  The XL system requires a bit of a heat soak for bigger reps but always shines in the flavor department.  The Ti and DigiTi systems are going to pack a bigger punch but still nothing like the ball units on the market. Versatile- can do high temp dense hits (heat soak required) or sip the terps away with...

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