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DC TiTi - DiY Inspired Injector Heavy Bundle Curated by VGoodiEZ

Regular price $224.00

Glass Bowl Pictures need to be updated! 

Recently DiY Heavy Hitting Vaporizers have become popular.  Specifically Coil Driven Injector Style Vaporizers using balls in various forms are some of the most popular here.  To our knowledge, the idea for the TiTi was thought up by Secreagent from Reddit/FC/Potentially other platforms.  It is similar in a form, function and cost to the DC Elev8R that we offer, but perhaps a bit more durable with the use of a Titanium Heater Head vs the Quartz Heater Head the DCE uses (with a sacrifice of taste).  

We just happen to sell a lot of the parts for these kits individually and we get a lot of questions from newer users on what they need, so we decided to put these kits together with options to purchase as little or as much as you need.  We will also do the coil burn off and kit setup so you don't need to worry!  

If you purchase from this listing you must include a PID, Bowl and Stand.  If you don't need ALL of these parts please purchase the parts individually.  Note we will install this unless you ask us otherwise.  The shovelhead post may get scratched up in the install process but it won't impact performance. 

Standard Contents:

Kit Includes (everything you see in the picture and some stuff you don't):


***No returns on this product.  Coils are tested for function prior to leaving the VGoodiEZ shack.  They are made to work with controllers sold by VGoodiEZ.  Other controllers may not work with these coils.  Just because the plug fits doesn't mean it's compatible.  You can short the coil and damage the controller with incompatible equipment.  Purchase at your own risk.  This is also a 110V coil.  Sorry, 220v coils are currently UNAVAILABLE for international customers. 

Like with any exposed coil system there are risks of burning and fire.  Do not leave unattended and pay special care handling equipment.  People with long hair should keep it pulled back while using the equipment and care should be taken wearing loose/baggy clothing.  Obviously keep away from pets and children.  Make sure you check your screens in the heater before each use to ensure the ruby beads are contained and will remain inside the heater.  Common sense goes a long way here.  If you are clumsy, prone to getting burned or just not confident handling high powered, high temperature equipment, this is NOT for you.  Holler at us at sales@vgoodiez.com and we can help figure out something more your speed.  

Safety Precautions and Setup Video 




Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
bundle review

From start to finish I was very impressed. The shipping was insanely fast, the price was right, and everything came ready to go.

I absolutely love this vape. I've had many over the years from the MGLB, Dynavap, Solo 2, Mighty, and the Tiny Might, and this blows all of them out of the water.

If you're looking for a serious desktop vape you can't go wrong with this or any other of the Ball Injector vapes.

As a small business owner I really appreciated all the little personalized touches Vgoodiez added in with my purchase, and I will definitely be making future purchases from here.


I saw a review on here that said if you’re on the fence just do it and boy were they right. Thing comes fully ready to fire outta the box. And it rips. Couldn’t be happier.

In Love

Haven’t combusted since owning this thing. Comes ready to use out of the box and couldn’t be any easier to set up. Doesn’t hurt that it absolutely rips, not many vapes can white wall a bong and this does on every hit.

Takes Vaping from sippin’ smoke to bigger tokes.

This method brings an old school feel to the new school ways of extracting from your herb. IOW, you can do the bong-load toke approach…big bowls, big rips, big clouds. Ferda!! Or the vape approach…sip, sip, and enjoy. Either way, a good player to have on the roster. The equipment and device are the first of its kind in my collection and are holding up, no problem. S/O to VGoodiez for how fast they get things out their door.