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Andrew Rios
Lotus - Amaranth

This is a gorgeous, connoisseur grade on-demand vape with a mellow learning curve. I have a DynaVap and Sticky Brick as well, and the Lotus beats them on flavor production. The amaranth wood (purpleheart) is quite pleasing to the eye. I'm sure the olive and walnut models look great too.

Vgoodiez has some of the best customer service in the industry, and they ship incredibly quickly.

Great vape but has a learning curve like all butane vapes

Overall I think its a stellar product, great build quality and i love the taste of it a lot, the olive wood is beautiful. the only thing is that you need to take your time learning how to use it, i've combusted on several occasions cause i get a hot spot towards the right side of the bowl but if you treat it like a sipper it will deliver great results as a ripper its a very thin line to do it properly but you can get big hits and still get great flavour.

Gideon Ravenor
New favorite piece!

This is a uniqe device. I own a vapman, dynvaps, Danis and more but this is the new favorite. I have never met a butane device that won me over so quickly. The leanring curve is so intuitive, its just fun to use and tastes incredible. This is an all time favorite.

Love the Lotus !

The Lotus is such a unique and beautiful piece . I love the ritual, even though early on I combusted through a j hook lol. The flavor and cloud size is as good as you make it. It's all up to you. No regrets on adding this piece to the collection.