Convector in Titanium by Camouflet


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Gabriel Metatron
Gives dynavap a run for the money

If you already know how dynavaps work this is great. You won't lose flavor and it gives really good hits. It cools.down really fast. I would recommend this if you already have a small collection.

Bradley Raimer
I love it! Very joint-like!

I love this, but recognize there's a bit of a learning curve. I fill the tip loosely, leaving a small gap between the flower and the cap. I then light the tip while it's in my mouth, joint-style, for about 5s with the 2nd, cooler flame from my Prometheus Retro. Big inhale, and if I feel it getting to hot that it might combust, I give it a 5s break.

Really great little vape! Looks classy and does great hits once you get the hang down. I love that I don't have to keep my torch lit nearly as much as with a Dynavap.

Nothing simpler, but quite subtle at the same time.

I've never felt more in touch with my weed. The truest full convection on demand hit I have experienced with a portable. Hit is affected by draw, torch power, ambient temp and altitude, I think. When I get it right, which doesn't take long, I get massive tasty clouds that are the smoothest ever, and I can reliably reproduce them. On the next session I usually have to adjust if the conditions are different. The starting point is always the same visual, hit it when the torch flame changes from blue to orange. Sometimes I go a tiny bit longer but not much, because it will combust