The Wand by Ispure (formerly known as Ispire)


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Scott W.
Works well

Not a bad kit for being able to dab without the use of flame. This kit allows you to use any water pipe/bong the has a standard 14mm but they also make 10mm etc for different applications. Huge hits and maintains the Temps perfectly. Easy cleanup with a q tip after each session on the banger and it's a ready for the next session.

Great Dynavap Heater, subpar enail

Originally purchased this device for my Dynavap, however gave it a shot for dabs as well. I highly recommend a Crossing Core, or Puffco product if your main thought here is using it for dabs. It heats up well, but seems to be time based instead of temperature, and I also had a lot more reclaim buildup vs a dedicated e-nail mentioned earlier. As a dynavap heater, it's extremely solid! Just bring extra batteries with you if you're having a long session.

Joshua Conklin
Great investment

Excellent customer service and fast shipping. The wand works great with the Dynavap and makes the whole process more enjoyable

Good so far!

I have an induction heater that I built but wanted a portable option and this one fits the bill. Fast shipping and processing as usual from VGoodies.