The Wand by Ispire: User Guide, Useful Tips

The Wand by Ispire: User Guide, Useful Tips


The Wand
offers enail performance without exposed coils or torches in a portable, hand-held and compact device. Here we will demonstrate how to properly operate and maintain Ispire’s Wand when consuming with concentrates. 



  • Patented Induction Heating Technology
  • Removable dual 18650 batteries 
  • Precise temperature control (250-800*F)
  • Automatic and Manual session modes
  • Type-C USB charging port with cable
  • Borosilicate Inner Cups (banger, 14mm connection)


Tips to fully optimize your Ispire Wand experience: 

  • We recommend the use of manual mode. In automatic mode, The Wand doesn’t continue heating whereas manual mode does
  • Viscosity ranges greatly depending on product, adjust temperature accordingly. Try starting low around 500*F
  • Allow inner cup to heat several seconds before dropping material for a hot dab, this is the most effective way to utilize
  • The material must begin simmering before placing carb cap for optimum results
  • A slow, steady draw produces optimum results with minimal reclaim
  • Always swap banger/inner cups between sessions for proper care. Continually reheating same inner cup may result in improper wear, damage, or cracking to the borosilicate glass



Ispire Daab E-rig utilizes same Patented Induction Heating technology. This demonstration can be applied to this device as well.



 Demonstration with Ispire Daab Induction E-rig in manual mode.

Comments (2)

  • Diggy Smalls on Feb 05, 2023

    This was an excellent tutorial. I had some success heating it to a temp and dropping it in, but this just revolutionized my concentrate game. Great efficiency with the battery, too.
    I do with The Wand came with a standard tripod attachment port, so it could be used with any tripod. I do not trust hanging The Wand off my glass without something holding it up. The glass provided with it is all very thin and proprietary.

  • Lee A Mortensen on Feb 05, 2023

    I love my Ispire Wand. It can do Dynavap heating and banger dabs without scaring me to death with a loud torch or with exposed hot coils, and that just feels so civilized for me. Vgoodiez videos are invaluable for actually teaching me how to use what I buy in a real vaporist’s environment. Just do a quick Iso swab around the induction cup after every dab—so simple! The traditional dab methods are certainly exciting too, and the e-coils go nicely with all those new ball injectors, but the Wand is a great, more comfy dab and flower tool, and what semi-newbie doesn’t like such a great multitasker? It’s fun AF. 🥰

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