Injector Chamber Evolution: A Guideline

Injector Chamber Evolution: A Guideline

Injector chambers are an integral part of each Heavy Bundle Kit. Enhancing the user’s experience in a variety of sizes and styles. Below is a detailed description of each injector chamber we offer here at VGoodiEZ.


Elev8R Watertool Attachment (Injector Bowl)

Originally designed for DC-Elev8R Kit, it’s now a standard Flowerpot accessory when ordering direct from the manufacturer. The metal screen provides a balance between flavor and convenience, with ease of cleaning. Glass screen offers unadulterated flavor at expense of material falling through air channels. Drop downs or pass through adapters help catch these particles before reaching bubbler.


Crafted from Grade 2 Titanium, the Shovelhead initially designed for Flowerpot 22mm diffuser. Recently reengineered to accept B0, B1, and B2 injector heads. Considerably the most expensive injector bowl, don’t forget the 14mm or 19mm shovelhead post to complete the setup. The Ti post is the WPA for your bubbler.

VGoodiEZ Borosilicate Injector Chamber 

 For awhile the only glass screened option for our Heavy Bundle Kits was the Elev8R Watertool Attachment. Through networking, creative design, and your feedback we now have a cost efficient option - with a handle!



 VGoodiEZ Borosilicate Injector Chamber V2

These V2 Injector Chambers (Rod instead of tab handle + glass and screen deck options) work with all injector style ball units on the market including the DC Elev8R, TiTi, Pinky, B0, B1, B2, Lethal Injector, Hot Rod, Terp Torch, Freight Train, Qaromashop and others.   This has a built-in glass screen.  The XL chamber is high enough (+20mm) where it WILL work with Herborizer, Cloud Connoisseur gear and the Musa!  



VGoodiEZ Pass-Through Injector Chamber

 Combine the glass screened injector chamber with a pass-through adapter and what do you have? Before, one would have to fumble with two separate accessories, or purchase an Orb V2. Available in 14mm and 19mm connections, this represents our continuous dedication towards improving, enhancing your experience at cheaper price point than competitors.



Ed’s TnT Cocobolo Injector Bowl

This wood variety may look familiar as it’s an available option for Flowerpot manufactured coils, also fit Disorderly Conduction coil (ie. DC-Elev8R, DC-TiTi). Aside from Shovelhead, it’s our most durable injector chamber offered. Cocobolo is a strong wood, excellent option for those uncomfortable with handling glass. Available in only 14mm, you most securely hold coil while positioning injector head onto the chamber. Unlike Elev8R and VGoodiEZ bowls which hold injector head in place. If finicky about 100% airtight seal, stay away from Ed’s and Sticky Brick injector chambers. Do not clean with ISO, it’ll damage the beautiful Cocobolo!




Ed’s TnT Tigerwood V3 Injector Chamber


Useful for a number in injector style units including the TiTi (sits on top), DC Elev8R (sits on top and MOST heaters experience seal problems so not ideal), Cannabis Hardware Injector diffuser for the B1 and B2, The B0, Musa V2, Supreme, Qaroma and others!   Could be difficult to seal with the Terp Torch, Hot Rod and Freight Train so not really recommended there.  Works with Herborizer Ti/DigiTi for a small loads only (cover the screen deck and not much more).  Also works with the Neo (silicone ring required for perfect seal).  14mm male fitting to be compatible with 14mm female water pieces.   Comes with 3 screens.



Sticky Brick Labs Walnut Injector Bowl

Sticky Brick Labs combined the best of both elements with their injector chamber. The dense Walnut wood insulates thermal energy while glass connection may be swapped between 14mm and 19mm, making it a versatile option. Similar to Ed’s Cocobolo Injector Bowl, user must maintain constant connection between injector head and chamber.  



Glass Bowl (Standard 22mm) for Flowerpot by Cannabis Hardware


  • Works with FlowerPot Heads that have 22mm Standard Diffuser
  • Outside Diameter .865"
  • Depth of Bowl .50"
  • Select 14mm or 19mm Male to work with your Female glass
  • Hand Crafted from Borosilicate 3.3
  • Has glass Screen

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