The CARTA 2 by Focus V

The CARTA 2 by Focus V


The CARTA 2 by Focus V

E-rigs have undergone a variety of changes since the Carta OG first debuted in 2019. The Carta 2 has much more than a facelift and flashing lights. From the 360* heating atomizer, increased airflow, improved ergonomic base, to the brand new OLED display screen - there’s plenty to enjoy!


🔘 40% Larger Intelli-Core™️ 360* Atomizer with Bottom and Side Heating (Dry Herb Atomizer Sold Separately)

The Carta OG already had an insane heat up time. With an expanded 14mm diameter surface, the new Intelli-Core™️ atomizer extracts material evenly and efficiently.



🔘 Ergonomic Base with Customizable RGB LEDs

Focus on the important details while maintaining a comfortable and firm grip. Concentrate-smeared fingers rejoice, grab that base with confidence!






🔘 Interactive Smart App Available for Android and iOS

Adjust basic/advanced settings: 

Temperature, timer, mode, vibration, LED presets, session presets

Customizable OLED display, calibration, profile, device registration, firmware updates

View your session count in real time with the brand new Ranking system!





🔘 No App? No Problem! OLED Display with Simple Three Button Interface 

Access all the primary functions such as: temperature, session timer, LED/session presets, unlock/lock.




🔘 USB-C with Passthrough Charging

Continue that sesh while those internal batteries refresh! (sorry, no replaceable 18350’s) Passthrough function also available through Wireless Charger.

🔘 Bluetooth Connectivity 

Carta is known for the early adoption of pairing an E-rig with smartphone application. The Carta 2 builds on that technology.

🔘 Wireless Charging Capability (Available Seperately)


 Hefty 10,000 mAh battery equipped with USB-C input/output, USB-A output. Charge your Carta 2 or even that smartphone! 


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Carta 2 Wireless Charger by Focus V





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