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The Tsunami All in One Enail/Dab Rig by NewVape

Posted by Scott VGoodiEZ on

The Tsunami is the newest addition to NewVape's line of high end desktop vaporizers. It is a durable and stable solution to those "peak" glass collectors that are looking for a platform that will last forever. This system runs on a PID/flat coil platform. No more replacing atomizers or flimsy parts. 

This system includes the T-Bucket Banger system which is an all Grade 2 Titanium system that includes a 30mm bucket that will fit your favorite 30mm dish. 

Some of the features:

- Billet 6061 Aluminum Construction

- Dab System (bucket) are Grade 2 Titanium

- Fits 30mm dishes

- Adapter Available for Peak and Carta glass attahment

- PID control with flat coil intergrated.

- Aluminum Magnetic Heat Shield

- Made in the USA


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