Whip Mouthpiece and 14mm Attachment Whip Assembly by Goo Roo Glass


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Pete N.
Great Item

Great whip mouthpiece for the price point. The glass is very well made and seems reasonably thick. The black tubing did have a strong smell of rubber, but I boiled it in water. That did help. Just keep in mind the size of the mouthpiece, it's pretty big. Those with lung issues may not have the capacity to draw through the whip and clear a water piece. Overall, it's a great item brought to you by VG, As always, great customer service.

Perfect Globe accessory

Many waterpieces just come with a small glass tube for a mouthpiece. No longer. Well sized and heavy in the hand. I did add a longer hose for convenience.

Freya Knarr
Greeat whip, not just for Goo Roo Hookah

I use this with the mega cube and it is so much better than the standard whip that comes with it. If you're using the 19mm cube like like me you'll need to swap the connector out, it was super easy and you can use the one that comes with the cube (Cell Mega)

The nice big glass piece is so easy to hold in my hand while casually vaping at my desk. The extra glass gives also give you a bit more cooling

My only complaint is that it likes to build up condensation when I use it with hot water in my cube (though that is clearly not meant to be it's use case so I'm not taking off any stars)


Good product but easy to break if not careful