Venty XL Sidecar Bubbler by VGoodiEZ (VEN7)


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Christopher Radocchia
Venty bub

Increases the air flow and adds another cooling element. More comfortable to use than the stock mouthpiece and requires less effort to draw vapor

Cool and Easy

I feel like Sherlock Holmes holding my Venty with this bubbler up to my mouth. Feels good! I was surprised by how much it cools down the vapor for being so small with just a little water. The Venty balances and stands up straight on its own even with water in the bubbler attached, and after a week it's fallen down once with no spill or break. The small silicone tube that connects it to the Venty is very small and easy to lose, so careful with those, but I definitely recommend this for an easy, portable, and very worthwhile Venty enhancement.

Hits so well and is smooth af

Love this thing. Got the 18mm glass connecter attachment as well, but I love this little bubbler. It's incredible!

Todd Lundberg
My First Venty accesory and I love it

Part of being an early adopter of the Venty is not having a lot of attachment options. This is the first I have found and I love the smoothness it adds to the Venty. It makes the already cool vapor even smoother. I highly recommend.