Vapman Classic in Pear Tree (Finished) by Inhale


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My new favorite

I just got a Pear Vapman Classic. I thought I should pick one up before all the Swiss ones were gone. It's amazing. I found it easier to get dialed in than the Dynavap (which I love). It also hits differently but more my speed. I like cannabis to slow down and this one is just the thing.

I could also see myself becoming a collector of these. Probably pick up an Italian one just to see the difference. May not be for everyone, but I am absolutely into it. Gonna be my evening driver for a while.

Scott always ships so fast and is super helpful. Thanks, Scott!

Vapman pear classic

Have had this a few months and have definitely gotten much better with it. Unbelievable vapor from next to no flower is insane. Figuring out the heating is interesting for sure.

Blown Away

Absolutely love this thing. Slight learning curve but I truly enjoy that aspect and will continue to try different things. Great microdoser as very little herb is needed. Easily the most discreet vape I own heating may not be but that has never really been a problem for me. The intricate craftsmanship makes this vape stand out from any other I own. It will definitely be in the daily rotation for the foreseeable future. Thank you vgoodiez for carrying these you guys rock!

It will bring you joy

The egg is cool, it feels like it was made by an old world toy maker and has a very premium feel to it. For resembling a small top in an Easter egg the vapor is cool and smooth with an unrestricted draw. Uses very little material and is the perfect micro doser. Small learning curve but it's very easy to be consistent. Count to five while torching...let off for two seconds....heat for five seconds, then inhale for a nice 15 seconds and you'll have yourself some happy clouds. It's not a heavy hitter but it will have you calm as Bob Ross as the technique is very relaxing. Everyone should have one in their collection imo. I keep mine in this Jurassic park egg smuggler and nobody is the wiser 🔥👌