Vapman Classic in American Walnut (Finished) by Inhale


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Love my Vapman.

I got a finished walnut and am loving it. Beautiful craftsmanship. Tiny, yet comfortable to hold. The effects I get are great, for such a tiny amount. Great microdoser. Shipping was fast. The Vapman torch is also worth getting.

Terri S
Beautifully made, super terpy!

I love the finish, small size and the hand crafted quality shines through. Excellent for a stop, chill for a few minutes and enjoy the experience. A tiny bit of herb goes a long way. Awesome how simple the design is and easy to clean, which is a huge bonus.

Amazing little device

The legendary vapman! I picked one up out of fear before the vape ban came down, and I’m very glad I did. One of the most unique vaping experiences. Incredibly ritualistic and to some extent, meditative. Sessions with the vapman seem more intimate and relaxing, you really develop a connection and understanding of this device. Hard to explain, but this little device has changed my consumption habits and ritual in the best way.
If you’re into vaping, you need a vapman in your collection, and while you’re here, why not get it from best shop around!

Geno P
Great Service Great Product

I ordered my first Vapman a finished pear model thru a shop in Germany when I could find no other. That took a month of waiting, and I truly loved it once I dialed in on my lighter skills! On the VGoodiEZ site I saw they had several different models/wood types available recently, but the American walnut caught my eye. So late one evening I ordered it, and the great folks at VGoodiEZ took care of me in record time as three days later I was breaking in my new walnut Vapman!
Thank you VGoodiEZ!