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Vapman Classic in American Walnut (Finished) by Element

Regular price $150.00

Wood: american walnut tree, fine sanded, oiled (Linseed-oil) and polished
Mouthpiece: POM plastic, white
Diameter: 41mm
Hight: 62mm
Weight: 18gr. 

Wood Grain Color and Pattern may vary significantly from pictures.  

Customer Reviews

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Great Service Great Product

I ordered my first Vapman a finished pear model thru a shop in Germany when I could find no other. That took a month of waiting, and I truly loved it once I dialed in on my lighter skills! On the VGoodiEZ site I saw they had several different models/wood types available recently, but the American walnut caught my eye. So late one evening I ordered it, and the great folks at VGoodiEZ took care of me in record time as three days later I was breaking in my new walnut Vapman!
Thank you VGoodiEZ!

Vapman Classic in American Walnut

Awesome little vape, Very glad I bought it

Very nice

Love the craftsmanship on my Walnut Vapman. Great little vape with a relaxing ritual.

Proof that there's an exception to every rule

The vapman is a conduction on demand butane session vaporizer. Heat the metal plate, which then conducts heat to your herb and vaporizes it. Vaporization only happens for a few seconds, and within seconds of lighting up (on demand). However, you get best performance if you take several hits back to back (session). It's got great flavor, it's relaxing and ritualistic, it's one of the best vapes I own. If you think you might like this one, you will. It's a keeper.