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Vapman Basic in Pear Tree (Unfinished) by Vapman

Regular price $115.00

Wood: pear tree, not fine sanded, not oiled and not polished
Mouthpiece: POM plastic, white
Diameter: 41mm
Height: 62mm
Weight: 18gr.

Function, quality and lifespan of this version are equivalent to that of the standard model. The basic vapman has no heat protection, therefore a thin layer of burned wood will build up in a small area around the pan. This layer will eventually have the effect of a heat insulation and prevents further burning.      

Wood Grain Color and Pattern may vary significantly from pictures.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Love it

This little vape is awesome. I started again after 10 years, and it’s been real fun with this unit. I used to have an Iolite and a herbalaire, really digging the butane torch vs a battery. Great quality and stunning looking actually. Also, these are basically dead stock, since Vapman are making new versions soon, so if you want an original / old one snag it up.. also Vgoodiez are great.


Awesome device

Great vape, excellent customer service

I absolutely love my Vapman. I ordered this one as a back up, and it’s a beauty. Shipping was super fast and my question via email was answered the same day. Thanks Vgoodiez!

Love it

My Vapman is awesome! There was a slight learning curve but now that I understand it I really love it. There’s something about the ritual of this vape that’s uniquely grounding and special, it’s very satisfying to use and it’s definitely one of those vapes you develop a connection to. Great for conservation and taste. And the high is always surprisingly nice for how little herb is required. If you like these types of manual vapes and don’t mind a learning curve then you may love the Vapman. As always VGoodiez got it to me quick in perfect condition.