Vapman Basic in American Walnut (Unfinished) by Inhale


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Game Changer!!

It took me over 2 years to finally purchase a Vapman. I assumed the small bowl just wouldn't be enough. I have used a dynavap, lotus, sticky bricks, splinter, crafty+, EQ, underdog, and vaponic just to name a few. So I finally bit the bullet and bought one. It has changed my life. It is the only vape I use. I have gotten rid of everything else. Thank you vgoodiez for offering amazing and unique products!

Hi Richard, thanks for taking the time. It is quite the unit, huh? That tasty and potent signature is like no other! Thanks for your support!

What a unit

Buy if u can

SquanchKava Joe Looker
This is a tiny thing is a potency beast

I am so thankful Vgoodiez got a shipment of Vapmans in. I had wanted one for a while but finally took the plunge and so very glad I did. I just can't get over how potent the vapor is from this little thing. And it is such a fun vape to use, makes for a very cathartic session. I wish I bought two to have a spare one. If you are a fan of the Lotus you will love the Vapman. I love that it natively fits 14mm female glass. It is also amazing the little amount of herb it only holds, but still makes potent vapor, talk about efficiency. I feels like when you meet a new love and you want to spend all your time with them.

Johnny Montrose
Instant top-3 vape

I ordered my Basic in walnut on Friday at 3 PM CST, and received it Monday by 2 PM CST. At first I was disappointed that only the Basic was in stock, as I was afraid of ruining such a gorgeous handcrafted unit that isn't currently in production. After a few sessions, I was so thrilled by the smell and flavor of both the herb and the untreated wood that I was scouring the web for other units in different varieties of wood. I quickly leaned that the best advice is directly from the Vapman website, which is that it's best when you hit the copper pot with the torch, back off for a couple seconds, then reheat it. It's a slow conduction bake that results in some of the finest flavor that also happens to hit like Bruce Leeroy after he got that glow. If you like small, efficient butane vapes, I found it even more fun to use than a DynaVap, far easier to push to its limits without combusting than a Sticky Brick, and the best flavor/effect combo of pretty much any vape I've tried. Sure, you don't get HUGE clouds, but when you do get your technique down, you can get 3-4 very satisfying, visible hits from under .1g. And trust me, you'll feel every single one of them, whether you see it or not. Just be slow and gentle and you'll find that it's one of the most satisfying vapes out there, butane or electric, portable or desktop.