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Tinymight 2 (Warm Hands Pro) by Tinymight

Regular price $350.00

The successor to the original Tinymight, the Tinymight 2! 

Improvements include:


-New anodized finish, less prone to scratching

-Improved battery lid

-Improved button

-Improved temp dial

-USB-C fast charge

-More robust construction

-Shows battery level visually

-Updated heater control system, more efficient and accurate

-Fully sealed airpath

-Including new Ti Mouthpiece 

-USB-C charging cable 

-Storage pouch 

-New wood choices (Walnut currently available)


  • Tinymight 2 Unit
  • Molicel 18650 Battery installed (sorry we don't sell batteries or chargers separately but this is the brand recommended by the manufacturer and this source is a reputable one as well).  
  • Short Quartz Tube
  • Installed Cooling Unit
  • Storage Pouch
  • Long Titanium Stem

**This item is being sold as a handwarmer 

***Please note there is quite a bit of variance in the color and wood grain in Walnut wood.  The item you receive could look shades different (lighter or darker than pictured) and have more oe less grain detail.  This is the natural beauty of wood and how nature intended it!   

MUST be shipped via USPS PARCEL SELECT (3-5 business day typical transit).  NO OTHER SHIPPING OPTIONS.  

Sorry no international shipping on this item.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kevin Angelone
Great vape if you coukd only have one

Excels at on demand but also decent at session. Easy to dial in output from low temp terpy hits to big clouds. Love the easy loading and unloading with aftermarket glass stems.

Peter Kruger
Best portable device hands down

This is the first device I've owned that has been able to replace the Volcano as my daily go-to. This ends a nearly 15 year reign of the Volcano. I could write something long, but everything about this is excellent.

If you're lucky enough to grab one of these, explore the stem options because the feel of using the device really changes with the stem options. My fav so far for daily use is the XL cooling stem. It's super easy to clean daily and works well. It's large though. The bubbler attachment is also great, but more work to use if you use water. Looking forward to trying others.

Ok just buy it.

John Munn
Best portable on the market!

Coming from a TM v1 I didn't expect there would be much difference but I have to admit when vaping both at the same time one in each hand the TM v2 pulls ahead in both flavor and power. My only dislike is we went from a circle dark ring to half of the load being dark like a half moon on the higher temps. That's not a problem when using the device below 5.5 - 6 on the dial. Overall I give it two thumbs up 👍 👍

Best Vape

Love the tinymight 2. Never had an on demand vape before and this is amazing. I love being able to pack it, turn it on, and 10 seconds later take a rip. Quality seems good as well.