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The Cap by Dynavap

Regular price $22.00

100% authentic direct from Dynavap, choose from The OG, Captive and Low Temp Captive


The OG Cap is made of medical grade stainless steel and is included with all DynaVap vaporizers. The signature Cap is engineered to “click” when heated to the right temperature, and features the multitasking digger-outer.

Note: Sometimes the Cap will click twice. This is normal.
If your new cap is loose, give it a gentle squeeze to adjust the fit.


The new design helps keep the Cap in place while also allowing for a more even distribution of the airflow as well as an improved tactile indication of both the heat up and cool down clicks.  In addition, it provides for a free movement or spin of the cap, just in case you like things that spin.

Low Temp Captive

The Low Temp Captive Cap provides a whole new experience with your VapCap. This Cap provides great flavors and a lower heating temperature, all while preserving your material. The Low Temp Captive Cap also comes with a unique logo on it to differentiate it from your standard Cap and now comes with the Captive technology.

*Compatible with all VapCap vaporizers

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Perfect, just be careful not to lose it

Why do they still sell non captive caps? I didn't realize they did, anyway, this is non captive. It's also in the swamp somewhere. It was perfect though.

Greg MacDonald
Perfect matchup to my 2022 omni tip

My old cap stopped clicking couple years ago, and if I dropped it, cap would fly off losing my stuff on floor. Now new tip, captive cap and click give perfect hit. Can heat little more for strong hit. Fast shipping, response to email. Thank you Vgoodiez!

Noah C.
Exactly what I ordered. Fast shipping.

No complaints from me, quick efficient service. Thanks Stephen!

Lighter's best friend..

The perforated cap definitely changes the game when using the lighter.. This thing is awesome!