Tasty Tube Butane Vaporizer by Glass Charlie


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Masterpiece of simplicity

I'm a snob, and I can't think of anything that I would change or tweak on The Tube O'Taste......dare I say it's perfection?.....wait, let me complain about the cooldown and reload time. I may get a second one so I can satiate my dosage desires without pause.

VGEZ gets 5 stars for their service.....fast and no fuss, will be back.

Ry Guy
T is for Tasty Tube

T is for Terps, and those are always Tasty with the Tube. T is for Time and you get lots of it with this design, hit at your leisure. T is for Terrific or Timeless all glass path, water adaptable, mouthpiece for on the go. But T is also for Train and this things hits like it. Choo choo!

Absolute Winner

I am amazed by the Tasty Tube. For the best experience I recommend stuffing it with whole nugget. I heat it with a Big Shot until the flame turns from blue to orange (about 25 seconds) and I get an almost complete extraction with one hit every time. The flavor is the best I've ever gotten from a vape, a perfect convection/conduction balance with a piney aftertaste. The quality of vapor is so good it gives me a rush when I hit it (haven't experienced that feeling in quite a while!).

Flower dabs!

This is one of the best-tasting and hardest-hitting herbal vaporizers on the market! It works equally well with the included short 14mm stem as it does on top of some glass. The included stem provides nice, cool, super flavorful hits. When you use it on some larger, quality glass it can deliver lung-busting, flavorful rips that keep on coming! I use my Tasty Tube with a Cloud Connoisseur Prophet using an ash catcher with a 10mm pass-through and it's like they're made for each other. I load my herb into a Healthy Rips Fury 2 dosing capsule that fits perfectly inside the inner stem and that keeps the smaller particles from getting through the built-in glass screen. Every herbal vapor enthusiast owes it to themself to get one of these and a nice big butane torch for one of the best vapor experiences available today. I sadly broke the inner tube of my first Tasty Tube while cleaning it so I had to order a replacement instantly from VGoodiez. They had it to me in a day after ordering! Truly the best customer service. So don't wait, get one of these from VGoodiez while they're in stock!