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Stainless Steel Humidity Controlled Storage Container by CVault

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If you are looking for the ultimate storage for your dry herbs, CVault storage containers are a top choice. These sealable and stackable containers protect your stash from outside light and temperature variances. CVaults are made with food-grade stainless steel and come with a lid that features a well-designed latch system to provide a 99% airtight seal, locking in true freshness that will last. Each storage container also includes a Boveda pack to control humidity. There's even a holder on the inside explicitly designed for the humidity pack. 

CVaults storage containers are available in nine sizes, varying from small for personal stashes to extra large built for commercial use. One of the coolest features is that they are stackable, so they display really well and save space. 


  • Humidity-controlled 
  • Food-grade stainless steel
  • Latching system designed for airtight freshness
  • Nine available sizes for personal and commercial use
  • Stackable

How does it work?  

Simply put your stash inside the container and be sure the latches are set on the lid! Pro tip: Be sure to replace the Boveda packs periodically to ensure ultimate freshness and humidity control. 

Selling Points: 

  • Everything you need to store dry herb and keep it fresh at the same time
  • Stackable storage looks excellent when displayed and saves space
  • Nine available sizes to suit every type of need

What's in the Box: 

  • 1x CVault storage container
  • 1x Boveda humidity pack

Small 2.0 Twist Top Features & specs. 

  • Diameter: 3.25" (8cm) | Depth: 1.75" (4.4cm)
  • Capacity: 7-12 Grams
  • 1x 8 gram 62% Boveda
  • Lightweight and durable stainless steel
  • Tri-latch design to "lock in freshness."

What's in the box. 

  • 1x - Cvault 2.0 with Boveda Humidipak - 62% 8g - Twist Top

Customer Reviews

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Alex B
Cant Smell a thing.

I was using an old ceramic pot with a little rubberized top prior to this for all my AVB (Already Vaped Bud). the ceramic one had a large capacity but it definitely still smelled if I left it out. I upgraded to the Large Cvault and man what a difference. the smell is gone, feels much more fresh, and the latches all feel heavy duty. I also got the small twist top cvault I havent used it as much but it feels just as sturdy and the smell reduction is also A+