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Stack Mini by VGoodiEZ

Regular price $25.00

Small volume water piece with 5-Slit percolator.  Comes with a 14mm bowl that mates with the 14mm Female Connection.  Just under 5" tall if measured to the tip of the mouthpiece.  


Customer Reviews

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Stacks Up

The Stack Mini stacks up to the best. It's a great small waterpiece that feels good in hand. Sold feel, clean lines, nice percolation. I liked mine so much, I immediately ordered a back up. Mine get used both wet and dry,, and vapor's smooth with both. Grab you one -or two- if they come back in stock.
Customer service was excellent, as usual.


Way better then I expected. This is one I reach when using my Dynas
and Woodscents!

Almost perfect

I love this little piece. It's compact but holds a good amount of water. The slit perc makes a lot of bubbles so you get a surprising amount of cooling. It fits nicely in the hand and the angled mouthpiece is really comfortable. It hits like a champ too! I pair this with the 2021 VonG dynavap tip and the spiky wet winder from Sneaky Pete and its the best small water set up I've ever had.

My only complaint is that there's a reducer section in the mouthpiece that makes cleaning a bit annoying. It's a minor gripe and literally the only thing I've found to complain about. This little bubbler is a steal at this price.

Great little bubbler!

Perfect size for me.. Thanks again for the sale..