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Sick Clip by 7th Floor (Elev8 Glass)

Regular price $6.00

Hold your ground glass connection together. Sizes; 10mm, 14mm and 19mm joints / Elev8R


Purchase is one clip.  Select size. 

Customer Reviews

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Good Quality!

Clips are made of good quality. Vgoodiez has you covered with service that is always remarkably excellent! 10/10

Kyle - Chary
Why buy plastic when you can get something better

Why waste your money on those plastic clips. You go to put them on and they bulge out; and when you try to take them off, A Christmas Story is being heard in the back of your head with "you'll shoot your eye out" as the clip goes flying across the room. The clips by 7th Floor are durable. They fit securely for all your glass needs. There is not bulging as they have some give to make it easier to get on and off. But that give does not compromise the function of the clip. you can tug and tug and you won't get your glass pieces apart. So don't just save a dollar getting plastic clips, treat yourself to something nice.

Mason Jars
It's pretty SICK

Haven't broken one yet!

Great clips

If you hate the plastic ones you’ll love these.